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Last updated: Jan-24-2024

Cloudinary's Media Optimizer automates rich media format and quality optimizations to make your websites and apps fast and visually engaging. Creative teams and developers don't need to create multiple asset versions or completely rewrite all media URLs. Instead, offload format and quality optimization to Cloudinary's turnkey product to go to market faster and monitor media performance over time.

Quick starts

If you're ready to start using Media Optimizer with your own media, check out the Media Optimizer quick start that matches the source of your media.


Manage your setup through the configuration of media sources, optimization profiles, mapping functions and domains.


View statistics on bytes saved and usage, confirm that your media's performance is optimized so that you can address any areas for improvement, plus see details about your plan.


Get insights into your delivered assets with usage reports, in-depth analytics and advice.


Manage transformations created for your media (view, create, edit, delete).

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