Certified Platform: Strattic

The Strattic hosted platform optimizes and secures WordPress sites by making them static and highly available via CDN.


Strattic enables you to use the Cloudinary WordPress plugin as you typically do, and it maintains your Cloudinary URLs when published to your website.

The combination of a static site and Cloudinary’s ability to deliver images and videos responsively, resized, compressed, and auto-formatted for each browser type makes the integration with Strattic even more powerful.

The Cloudinary WordPress Plugin and Strattic are separate platforms. Please contact Strattic support (support@strattic.com) for anything related to your website hosting environment or Cloudinary support for assistance with the Cloudinary WordPress plugin itself.

Wordpress-Strattic video tutorial

This video tutorial walks you through the basic steps of installing, configuring and using the Cloudinary WordPress plugin with Strattic:

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