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Two New Cloudinary Podcasts on Digital Media

I think we can all agree images and videos, ubiquitous on today’s websites and mobile apps, are a core component of our digital life. They are no longer just important elements of the visual web story; they are that story. Equally crucial are interactive experiences, such as social discovery, 3D modeling, live shoppable videos, and even artificial or virtual reality.

To stay on the cutting edge of new techniques and best practices for the visual economy, developers and industry specialists alike are constantly learning how to tackle the ever-increasing media-related challenges, such as how to achieve a desired effect, how to strike a balance between image quality and site speed, and how to upload multiple images to different platforms. Also incumbent is the need to deliver captivating content in the best (and latest) format, size, and quality to meet each visitor’s unique needs.

To address those issues, discuss the latest in industry advancements, and share observations, we have launched two new podcast series, each with its own take on how to build, manage, and deliver the modern web. Introducing—

  • DevJams: This show explores developer-centric, innovative web projects that have adopted Cloudinary as a media-management platform. Included are insightful interviews with the key players and industry luminaries.

  • MX Matters: With an emphasis on media experience and the latest trends that are shaping today’s visual economy, this show offers product updates, partner and customer interviews, web standards, and the like. Except for the product episodes, Cloudinary is not the main focus of this show.

And because everyone has a different way of engaging with series like these, we have the podcasts (and one could say vodcasts) available with high-definition videos on our Cloudinary Academy, Podcast page, and YouTube channel. New episodes are also regularly posted on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever else you like to listen to your podcasts.

We invite you to subscribe on iTunes, leave a review there, and spread the word about those two shows on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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