Automate Your Media Supply Chain with Machine Learning

Today, machine learning helps turn a traditional digital asset management (DAM) solution into an intelligent automation tool. Listen in as AWS and Cloudinary discuss cutting-edge advancements in machine learning technology that can streamline your media supply chain while helping deliver a consistent omnichannel user experience.

Delivering Compelling Video Experiences at Scale

Your customers have an insatiable appetite for video content. But, they expect a captivating video experience, on every screen. Until now, this meant you had to manually handle all the complexity – from optimal encoding, re-framing, resizing, and enhancing to tying up your creative, marketing, and technical teams. Thanks to AI and cutting edge technologies, the tedious and manual workload for managing videos can be eliminated.

The 10 Top Mistakes in Handling Images and Videos on Your Website (and how to avoid them)

Images are a major part of any modern website, and with the explosion in video comes greater bandwidth use, which is not only costly for your IT budget, but for your user experience as well. Every second that passes reduces your website’s overall conversion and ultimately revenues, so it makes perfect sense to want to optimize your image and video delivery as much as possible. Join Cloudinary’s Solutions Engineer, Josh Slivken, as he examines the common mistakes that are being made in image and video implementation, and what you can do to avoid them.

Marketing Without Barriers Through Dynamic Asset Management

Today brands are creating more digital assets than ever. The need to manage, collaborate on, distribute, and deliver those assets should not only be met but exceeded with a top tier digital asset management solution. Join us September 11th as we discuss how brands can enhance customer experiences in our digital era by leveraging new digital asset management technologies.

Leveraging the Untapped Potential of Long Tail Social Messaging Channels

Today there are important and untapped opportunities for engagement that brands can leverage to extend awareness and long-term loyalty. Join Cloudinary’s VP of Marketing, Sanjay Sarathy, and Cloudinary’s Senior Director Strategy and Analytics, Colin Bendell, for a Fireside Chat as they discuss the challenges social messaging channels present and offer easy-to-implement solutions to ensure you provide a consistent digital experience across all platforms.

Dynamic Asset Management with Cloudinary

Join us as we highlight the typical challenges that companies face as they contemplate a DAM strategy, explain the Cloudinary vision to support creative professionals, marketers, and developers alike, and showcase Cloudinary’s recent DAM product release that addresses customer requirements.

Effective DAM Leadership: Why Organizational Perspective Matters

A lot is said about the various elements of running a successful DAM, and today more and more companies are asking “how should digital asset management be led and run successfully for our organization?” Join Debra Risner, former Creative Digital Asset Director for Hallmark Cards Inc., as she explores how to strategically align your organization’s mission and the goals of key stakeholders to motivate action and welcome advocates and allies from every level.

How to Automate Product Image Workflows

Do you find creating dynamic and engaging visual experiences is time-consuming, expensive and technically challenging for your business? Listen in on this Cloudinary Workshop Webinar and see how you can automate product image workflows quickly and easily while avoiding creative and technical pitfalls.

5 Visual Engagement Tactics that Convert Online Buyers

Join us as our product experts discuss how you can improve your time to market and bring products to your website faster using dynamic media technologies, gain a competitive edge by leveraging AI and machine learning to streamline your digital asset workflow, and increase conversions with higher performing digital experiences.

Create Everyday Success and Innovations with Digital Asset Management

Join guest speaker David Lipsey, DAM industry founder and Chair of the global Henry Stewart conferences, as he discusses many examples and lessons learned from DAM—from its most basic uses through the dynamic evolution in what DAM offers.

5 Techniques for Boosting Page Performance in 2019

Join us for this workshop webinar and learn tips and techniques to improve page performance beyond standard image size, quality, and format settings.

How to Optimize for Page Load Speed

There is a direct link between the speed and quality of delivered media assets to increased user engagement, conversion rates, and SEO—making page load times especially critical. Learn techniques and tools you can use now for optimizing your visual media assets.

Using an End-to-End Approach for Digital Asset Management

Managing a growing media library requires having a central hub for different teams to add and access files, tag, categorize and organize them in folders and subfolders, collaborate across teams, and get usage analytics. A DAM solution enables effective management and streamlined operations. Join us as we discuss how a DAM can streamline internal operations and improve the end-user experience.

Image Teardowns: Case Studies in Web Performance

Byte-for-byte, most of the web is images. Images’ outsized impact on web performance has resulted in a slew of emerging best practices. In this webinar, we’ll dispense with hypotheticals and take a close, measurement-focused look at a few particularly interesting websites that use (and abuse) images, dissecting real-world solutions in order to understand how, and why, they’re built the way they’re built.

Responsive Images: Past, Present and Future

Mobile data traffic has quadrupled since 2013. In order to cope with a newly diversified device landscape, engineers have embraced responsive design. Implementing “responsive images” is the most important thing that you can do for a responsive site’s performance.

In this webinar, we discuss the past, present, and future of responsive images.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Image Creation and Management for the Modern Marketer

One size does NOT fit all in the digital age. With many image sizes needed for various screen sizes and browsers, how can the modern marketer easily create the images they need for all scenarios? Add in the complexities and scale of personalized messaging and you have an untenable problem – not enough manual resources to create the variations of the images and videos you need to reach your audience effectively and efficiently.

Optimize Images and Improve End User Experience

Cloudinary simplifies the image management process, helping users choose the right format, adjust the quality settings, manipulate images in real-time and deliver these images via a global network.

In this webinar, we discuss how to:

  • Use on-the-fly image manipulation
  • Implement best practices for image optimization
  • Easily integrate Cloudinary SDK

Automate Image Adaptation to Improve End-User Experience

In this webinar, we cover new Cloudinary features launched in 2016. These features provide the tools to enable you to scale image management and deliver the best image to each user:

  • Automatic Content-Aware Cropping
  • Intelligent Content-Aware Encoding
  • Dynamic Format Selection
  • Automatic Responsive Images

Image Management: Build vs. Buy

To a developer, image management adds another level of complexity to managing a website. It raises a common question: should he build an image management solution in-house or buy a comprehensive solution. In this webinar, the Principle Systems Architect at Build.com share their journey of discovery and the process of deciding between build vs buy.

Top 10 Mistakes in Handling Website Images and How to Solve Them

In this webinar, we cover 10 common mistakes and how to fix them including:

  • Wasteful browser-side resizing
  • Forgetting to strip image metadata
  • Incorrect image cache settings
  • Using images when CSS3 can be used
  • Delivering images straight from your servers

Image Compression: Graceful Degradation for Better Performance

For image optimization, reducing the quality doesn’t always lead to degradation of visual experience.

In this webinar we discuss how Cloudinary automatically analyzes every image to find the best quality compression level and optimal encoding settings, in order to produce a fine image while minimizing the file size.