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Cloudinary Helps Preserve History by Managing More Than 20M Assets for a Holocaust Museum

Recently, Cloudinary worked with Yad Vashem, the Jerusalem-based Holocaust museum, to help them to manage and optimize the museum’s collection of digital imagery, testimonial pages, and more. The images document Jewish life before, during, and after the Holocaust. Most notably, there is a database with images and information to remember the lives of nearly 5 million victims of the Holocaust. 

The Yad Vashem website shares survivor stories, artifacts, and educational materials all with dynamic digital content. It is a remarkable digital resource and observance of the Holocaust.

For the organization, the amount of visual content feeding into Yad Vashem’s digital properties had become difficult to manage. In this blog, we’ll discuss how Cloudinary improved the delivery, management of Yad Vashem’s content.

Before the assistance of Cloudinary, Yad Vashem had been hosting its media on-premise with data servers in Israel without a content delivery network (CDN) or multi-CDN. The visual assets were spread out across several servers, as opposed to being organized and managed in one location.

The divided assets weren’t organized in a way that they resized or optimized properly. The organization had to rely on a static resizing tool that was difficult and slow.

With more than 20 million assets (and counting) to organize, Yad Vashem’s website and digital experience required a new system that could provide optimal speed and performance to properly display such valuable content.

Cloudinary’s Solution and Results

Through Cloudinary’s Programmable Media solution, Yad Vashem has been able to automate and optimize a future-proof library of digital visual assets for the organization.

Additionally, managing the assets in one single location enables Cloudinary to provide a single source of truth for Yad Vashem, while fully optimizing the performance of the assets. 

Cloudinary automatically resizes, crops, and formats images to download more smoothly. Cloudinary’s performance optimization increases page speeds dramatically for the organization.

As a result, the website’s core web vitals have improved. The design and content are meeting SEO standards and Cloudinary has helped upload more than 20 million assets to date, including 4 million images and 7.5 million testimonial pages. The work is ongoing, and the numbers will continue to grow.

Cloudinary is managing the process and maintaining a fully optimized digital experience for museum visitors.

More than one million people visit the Yad Vashem museum annually and millions more visit the website for education and a remembrance of the Holocaust. Cloudinary was honored to be given the opportunity to assist and deliver powerful image optimization and performance for the organization.

For brands looking to see the full potential of image optimization and performance, contact Cloudinary here and set up a free demo. Companies across industries, particularly retail brands, leverage Cloudinary to transform programmable media online, integrate smoothly into a tech stack, and deliver dynamic visual media experiences.  

Learn more about the company’s cloud-based digital asset management and see how Cloudinary can power your visual assets.

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