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ImageCon 2021: Unleash Your Visual Experiences

Alison Bensch
By Alison Bensch
ImageCon 2021: Unleash Your Visual Experiences

Underscoring the growing relevance of online visual experiences, our fifth annual ImageCon conference on October 19-20 is going digital for the second year. We’re also proud to welcome Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and Contentful as our event sponsors. As much as we’d love to connect ‘In Real Life’ it’s still too early to do so safely. Fortunately our 2020 experience proved that a virtual event can certainly inform, educate, connect and entertain. Best of all, we’re able to engage with more of our customers and partners around the world as a virtual event is more accessible

With that said, this year’s event is aptly themed “Unleash Your Visual Experiences.” You’ll get to see a stellar lineup of guest speakers from top brands including Apartment Therapy, Bizzabo, Bombas,, Mediavine, and National Geographic. Along with our own leaders and experts, they’ll be discussing:

  • The latest industry trends. This will include recent findings from our annual State of Visual Media report.
  • Tips for future-proofing your digital business from leading brands
  • Advice for accelerating your image- and video-management projects with Cloudinary.
  • Best practices for getting the most from new and soon-to-be-available Cloudinary products.

Building on last year’s event, ImageCon 2021 promises to be engaging and interactive. Each session will be roughly 30 minutes and you’ll get many chances to ask speakers questions live.” You’ll also have the chance to watch all the sessions on demand afterwards.

The Agenda: A Sneak Peek

Our agenda continues to evolve but here’s a preview of some of this year’s session:

  • Live Keynote Session with Bombas Co-Founders David Heath and Randy Goldberg titled More than Socks: How Bombas Built a Successful, Multi-Category Apparel Brand with Purpose
  • Live Keynote Session with National Geographic’s VP of Visuals and Immersive Experiences, Whitney Johnson titled Building Authentic Connections in a Digital First World
  • Customer spotlight sessions with Mediavine, Bizzabo, Apartment Therapy and
  • Interactive breakouts on topics such as Create a Digital Shopping Experience that’s Better than In-Store, Easily Programming Video for Web and Mobile Access, Faster Media = Faster Websites, The Power and Promise of Headless

As last year, the entire conference is free! Sign up today. Any questions, please write to us at

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