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Pixel Perfect Paradise: Sunwing 60% Faster Time to Market With Cloudinary Automation

Sunwing has a visual asset library with nearly 900,000 image and video files showcasing their all-inclusive vacation packages. From beautiful beaches to extravagant resorts, the Canadian travel company relies on these visuals to inspire consumers to book their dream vacation with them.

As you might expect, managing such a massive image library at the pace necessary to stay competitive, devours developer and creative team’s time. (Not to mention, visuals that are poorly edited or slow to load on a website kill conversion.) 

Before Cloudinary, Sunwing spent endless hours managing image formats, resizing videos for social media, and ensuring image carousels showcased seaweed-free beaches. 

Sunwing’s Cloudinary-powered automations make for a frictionless, integrated visual media workflow that fits into Sunwing’s newly modeled headless tech stack, saving the company countless hours once spent on managing and editing images, videos, and user-generated content.

The resulting time-savings Cloudinary’s automations have produced have been enjoyed throughout numerous roles, developers, designers, and content product managers among them. 

Cloudinary features that save Sunwing time:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality. The Cloudinary drag-and-drop API housed in the cloud automatically renders photos and video. 
  • Thumbnail uploads. Cloudinary uploads hundreds to thousands of thumbnail images in seconds — a process that was taking Sunwing nearly half an hour before. 
  • Removing image duplications. Cloudinary  crops, resizes, and transforms images on the fly without needing to duplicate images, saving Sunwing time and storage space.

Lilian Ward, Creative Services Manager at Sunwing, said the company manages images for 700 hotels. All of these images need to be resized across social media accounts, websites, and other digital touchpoints. Graphic designers would spend hours resizing images in Photoshop. That manual work is gone, saving her team at least 10 hours per week. Other teams working with images are saving a similar amount of time.

“If you’re looking for a solution that offers a wide range of capabilities to simplify your process of handling images, videos, and other media files while also optimizing your website performance and user experience, Cloudinary is your best option,” added Randy Esguerra, Digital Product Manager, Sunwing.

Sunwing recently introduced a new Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless (MACH) platform to power its digital experiences. 

Their headless tech stack consists of Contentful (Contentful’s Cloudinary app provides Contentful CMS editors and creative teams a seamless integration with Cloudinary’s dynamic Media Library), Gatsby (site generator), and Netlify (site hosting in the cloud). 

Cloudinary also integrates with Sunwing’s Salesforce Marketing and Service Cloud to build multiple visual media assets and animated banners on the website.

​​“Our decision to adopt Cloudinary into our Martech stack has proven to be a transformative step, revolutionizing our workflow and delivering substantial advantages in our productivity and overall performance,” said Leslie Tamber, Director of Marketing Technology, Sunwing.

Read the full case study here.

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