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Unlocking New Business Opportunities for Cloudinary Partners

The New Year brings two new opportunities for our certified partners: the Cloudinary Apprentice Program and the Cloudinary Value Assessment. 

The Apprentice Program is a hands-on training opportunity to work through a full implementation alongside some of Cloudinary’s technical specialists.

The program pairs a solution integrator with a Cloudinary solution architect for two or three projects, who will act as mentors to your team. Once an apprentice has gained enough experience, they’ll be capable of delivering Cloudinary implementations independently.  

There are four steps to becoming eligible for the Cloudinary Apprentice Program:

  1. Successfully complete the four technical enablement training modules hosted in our partner portal.
  1. Ensure individuals on your team become Cloudinary Certified Implementation Consultants.
  2. Pass the Cloudinary Certified Implementation Consultant Exam

Review shadowing mock calls to become familiar with a typical Cloudinary onboarding.

While not required, we recommend that each partner has at least two certified individuals within their delivery teams.

From day one, Cloudinary provides you and your team with the resources you need to succeed:

  • Ongoing support from a highly skilled Partner Success Manager (PSM) who will guide you and your team through the process, ensure you’re fully prepared for the exam, and act as a technical resource throughout future implementations to ensure mutual success. 
  • A partner sandbox account with 24/7 access to our dedicated support teams.
  • Dedicated Slack channel (where applicable).
  • Cloudinary Value Assessment opportunities (where applicable; see explanation below).

The Cloudinary Value Assessment connects certified partners with existing Cloudinary customers to uncover untapped value within their existing image and video workflows.

The assessment evaluates, measures, and enhances the benefits of Cloudinary solutions. Through the process, partners gain a deeper understanding of customers’ needs and challenges, incorporate industry best practices, and make value-based recommendations. 

The benefits:

  • The opportunity to forge new relationships within our existing client base.
  • Access to Cloudinary experts.
  • Become a Cloudinary expert.

Cloudinary’s innovative programs bring immediate value to your organization. Get on the enablement track today to earn technical badges and prepare for the Cloudinary Certified Implementation Consultant exam. 

Visit the Cloudinary partner portal to learn more.

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