Advanced optimization insights

Develop a deep understanding of media quality and performance

Performance Reports

Improve performance on Core Web Vitals

Reduce Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
Compress hero and product images that help keep LCP below 2.5 seconds without any loss in visual fidelity.

Leverage advanced media formats
Automatically convert images and videos to modern formats and codecs like AVIF, WebP, VP9, and HEVC.

Multi-CDN delivery
Faster delivery of media assets helps further improve web performance metrics.

largest contentful paint

Track optimizations centrally on the Dashboard

Asset performance in one view
The Media Optimization chart shows how your assets perform on a fidelity versus bits per pixel scatter plot.

Monitor optimization levels
See the percent bytes you saved on your top thousand assets and benchmark them against industry standards.

Keep tabs on your media usage
In a single view, know how many assets were requested, how much bandwidth was consumed, and how many transformations were applied over time.

Media Optimization assets

Analytics at your fingertips

Detailed media optimization reports

Track media asset requests, delivery, bytes saved, and bandwidth use over time. Know your top assets, referring domains and much more.

Correct errors immediately

Find and fix files that could not be displayed or slowed down page load time because they were not fully optimized.

Ensure a high-quality experience

Monitor the Fidelity and Pixel scores for your most used images and ensure they do not fall below your targets.

Always know how media performs

Easily see how your most used media assets were optimized for format, file size, and dimensions.

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