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Media Developer Experts Program

Energizing a diverse community of developers to share insight, expertise, and best practices of using media technology in web and mobile apps.

About the Program

As an MDE, you’ll reap from many exclusive benefits that will advance your technical expertise.

Exclusive MDE-swag welcome package

Invitations to an MDE-only annual summit and other developer events

The opportunity to build your personal brand

A place in which to share your web content with a community of like-minded media professionals

Forums in which to seek support for enhancing your knowledge, skill, experience, and network

The MDE Program is an exclusive, by-invitation-only group.

We encourage you to become a member of the Media Developer Community to engage with other developers.

On the Community’s Discord page is a wealth of media-related content: events, software tools, and other resources shared by members. And, if you’re interested in becoming an MDE, this is a great place in which to gain recognition and solicit a recommendation.

Join the Media Developer Community.

  • Passion to teach
  • Relish educating other developers by passing on technical knowledge and experience.
  • Dedication to advance developer communities
  • Participate in developer communities actively as recognized thought leaders, champions, or mentors in software technologies.
  • Enthusiasm to write, code, present, stream, or mentor
  • Specialize in media management: web performance, optimization, UI and UX, front-end development, serverless frameworks, full-stack SaaS architecture, content delivery.

If you answer yes to one or more of the questions below and cherish the media sector, you’re an ideal MDE:

  • Do you enjoy writing technical content?
  • Do you develop apps or tools?
  • Do you present at or organize developer events?
  • Do you enjoy hosting or joining developer live streams?
  • Do you savor mentoring and helping other developers succeed?

Who are the current MDEs?

MDE World Map

List of MDEs