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Adoptable Kittens, TikTok Videos from Twitch Clips, and a Discord Bot — the CloudCreate Hackathon Results are in!

The first-ever Cloudinary CloudCreate Hackathon has come to a close and, judging by the 71 unique entries, was a smash hit. 

The goal of this hackathon was to create a new tech product or application that uses Cloudinary to solve a real-world problem. This gave developers a pretty broad range to work with, which showed in the diversity of projects that were submitted.

For this event the Cloudinary DevRel team joined forces with frontend developer and a marketplace specialist based in Barcelona, Spain, Miguel Ángel Durán to select the winners of these fabulous prizes… (Cue the music.)

 First Place

  • 1 Keychron keyboard (or equivalent gift card)
  • $50 Amazon gift card (or equivalent local store)
  • 1 Custom Domain for 1 year (up to $20)
  • Launch and promotion on all Cloudinary channels

Second place

  • $50 Amazon gift card (or equivalent local store)
  • 1 Custom Domain for 1 year (up to $20)
  •  Help with launch and promotion on Cloudinary channels

3rd Place

  • $25 Amazon gift card (or equivalent local store)
  • Help with launch and promotion on Cloudinary channels 

Needless to say, we struggled to pick the winners from so many amazing products but with Miguel’s help we landed on our top three. 

Here are the results startin with…Cloudinary Honorable Mention: astro-cloudinary-image

Starting with a surprise, Eric Risco built an Image component for the up-and-coming JavaScript framework Astro!

The team here at Cloudinary is beyond excited by Astro’s potential. Eric’s project is a great extension of the framework and has ignited the Cloudinary team into thinking about how to support developers within the Astro ecosystem.

Did you know, videos without subtitles were watched, on average, 66% to completion compared to 91% with subtitles? Big difference, right?

Unfortunately, limited resources can be a challenge when it comes to fully supporting subtitle creation.

Enter Roberth Eliut González who built a way to automatically generate subtitles for a video using Cloudinary AI. While most entrants created solutions around images, Roberth harnessed the power of AI to do the subtitle creation work. 

Not all entrants submitted business solutions, some, Sergio Guerra, used his creativity to have some fun.

Using dynamic image generation, Sergio built custom cards for the board game Terraforming Mars, providing an easier way to take in custom data and automatically generate the card to print.

  • Demo:
  • Source:
  • Creator: Sergio Guerra (Twitter)

For those recently returned to earth and haven’t caught up on the latest, Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging social platform. With Discord, people communicate via voice and video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats. It’s full of different automated bots that give servers (communities) a fun way to create more interactive ways to engage.

Diego Busnego built a Discord Bot that gives server members the ability to upload an image to Discord and perform Cloudinary transformations, including Cloudinary background removal and custom effects.

Diego’s Discord Bot will be available to install soon and configurable on any server!

Demo: Available on Discord Server


Creator: Diego Busnego (Twitter)

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage and create unique videos for every social platform. Luckily Cloudinary has tools to automate this type of work.

Genaro Bonavita built a tool that takes a Twitch clip and uses dynamic video generation to overlay video on top of itself with transformations to deliver a TikTok-like format with a vertical orientation.

What’s a hackathon without cats? 

Our CloudCreate Hackathon winner is Ivan Santos Panadero who used Cloudinary’s Shoppable Video to build a catalog for adoptable cats.

The videos show what toys our feline friends are playing with and includes a link to the featured cat so viewers can adopt the latest furry internet sensation.



Creator: Ivan Santos Panadero (Twitter)

Thanks to all who entered and keep an eye out for more CloudCreate hackathons coming later this year for more chances to win awesome prizes and the opportunity to showcase your project

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