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Cloudinary CloudCreate: Tech Products Hackathon

We are excited to announce our next hackathon, Cloudinary CloudCreate: Tech Products Hackathon. Kicking off February 21, running through March 7, 2023.

If you’ve participated in past Cloudinary hackathons you know how fun, and challenging (in a good way), these events can be. They also fill up fast. Register early with this form and we’ll throw in some bonus credits for your free Cloudinary account!

For this event we’re teaming up with Miguel Ángel Durán. For those not familiar with Miguel, he is a frontend developer and a marketplace specialist based in Barcelona, Spain. He accelerates teams by defining a common platform, building cross-platform tools, and sharing best practices. He’s also a fan of Javascript and CSS and a big-time advocate for web standards. He likes sharing bits and tips about frontend in his Youtube channel, Twitch, via Twitter, podcasts, meetups, and as a teacher. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to create a new tech product or application that uses Cloudinary to solve a real-world problem.

That could include things like:

  • Background removal from an image or video
  • YouTube thumbnail generator based on input text and images
  • Image and video optimizer
  • Virtual photo booth

Here are a few examples for inspiration:

Registration Form

Once you register, hop in Miguel’s Discord and/or the Cloudinary Discord to chat about your project!

And yes, there are prizes, like a Keychron keyboard (worth over $100), Amazon gift cards, Cloudinary swag, and support to launch your new product including a free custom domain for one year.

The tech requirement is simple: the product or application you build must use Cloudinary as part of its tech stack.This includes using Cloudinary beyond delivering images or videos, taking advantage of features like transformations, AR/VR, or AI tools like background removal and content analysis. That could include building a Next.js application that uses one of our Partner integrations like Contentful. Or it could be an Astro app that uses the Cloudinary Node.js SDK to upload and manage images and videos. It could even be a Flutter app that uses our Flutter SDK (in beta) that allows you to deploy your application to native devices.

What we’re saying is the tech stack doesn’t really matter as long as Cloudinary plays a major role in that stack. Everything else is up to you.

(Note: We reserve the right to determine whether the product or application meets the standards above.)

As mentioned above, your product or app must include Cloudinary and:

  • Participants must register and use a Cloudinary account (free tier available!)
  • The product or application must be publicly deployed
  • The product or application must be hosted in a public GitHub repository
  • The submission must be in on or before March 7, 2023

Submit your project using this form and share on social media with hashtag #cloudcreate!

Submission Form

The Cloudinary CloudCreate: Tech Products Hackathon kicks off on Feb 21, 2023 at 9am PT / 12pm EST / 6pm CET on Miguel’s Twitch.

We’ll be reviewing the rules and Miguel will even build an example to get your creative juices flowing.

A product is essentially a packaged and branded application that helps people solve a problem. It can really be anything!

For examples of products or inspiration, check out:

You! Anyone can participate but there are a small few restrictions around eligibility of prizes including the inclusion of teams which is described below and non-Cloudinary employees.

Yes, teams are allowed, but prizes are limited to one recipient. Your team leader can then decide how to split the prize(s). We will try to accommodate more swag for teams when possible.

Winners will be selected by Miguel, the midudev community, and members of the Cloudinary Developer Experience team based on the uniqueness of the product or application and the problem that it’s solving. Winners will be announced live on Miguel’s stream.

There will be Cloudinary CloudCreate: Tech Products Hackathon dedicated channels in Miguel’s Discord and Cloudinary Discord. Both channels will be staffed with helpful folks ready to lend you a hand.

You can also post questions on Twitter tagging Miguel or Cloudinary, adding the hashtag #cloudcreate.

Or, you can check out the standard Cloudinary support channels including the community forums or Cloudinary Support.

See you at the event and good luck!

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