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Cloudinary and Contentful Make Modern Content Management Easier

Cloudinary and Contentful Make Modern Content Management Easier

I am pleased to share that Cloudinary and Contentful have joined forces to further streamline the creation, processing, and delivery of online content through Cloudinary’s digital asset management (DAM) solution and advanced transformation and delivery capabilities for images and video. What’s more, the partnership delivers a headless approach to DAM. By leveraging APIs for media management tasks, marketers and developers alike benefit from an integrated stack of optimized assets for optimization and automation. As a result, page loads are fast and beautiful, and at scale—with less overhead and effort.

A leading CMS platform, Contentful ensures its users can administer digital content from a single source and publish it anywhere and optionally through integration with robust, high-performance tools.

Agility, quality, flexibility, and convenience are the principal goals of both platforms. And we’re pleased to share that Cloudinary is now the third most-downloaded app on Contentful, underscoring tremendous user support.

In today's digital, highly visual world, more and more brands are investing in the creation of engaging visual stories for viewers across all channels. Equally critical is efficient delivery of scalable, fast-loading media.

Extension of Content-Management Capabilities

Here are the key tasks you can perform on Contentful as a result of the integration and the partnership:

  • Link Contentful entries to the uploaded assets in your Cloudinary media library (Cloudinary DAM). Browse, manage, and optimize your Cloudinary assets (images, videos, 3D objects, GIFs) on Contentful—tasks that are routinely performed by creators, developers, and marketers.
  • Automatically adjust the format and quality of your images and videos, optimizing assets according to the end-user device for an optimal display.
  • Use Cloudinary AI for auto-tagging images and videos. Manually add tags as part of your media workflow, search, manage, and share your media assets with Cloudinary’s media library from within Contentful.

Kevin Zellmer, vice president of partnerships at Contentful, states, “In this digital-first era, companies can gain a great competitive advantage by going digital-fast. The demand for digital is accelerating, so businesses need a strong technology platform for building omnichannel experiences faster. We’re proud to partner with Cloudinary in accelerating our joint customers’ time to value with their digital experiences.”


Contentful users can take advantage of Cloudinary’s media experience capabilities by clicking Install now in the Contentful Marketplace page for Cloudinary. It’s that easy. Give it a try and share your feedback!

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