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Cloudinary’s GPT and Generative AI Hackathon Results

There are two kinds of Hackathons. One is the (in)famous version where participants swill gallons of coffee, endure grueling hours, and struggle to hit pressure-filled deadlines. (There are some who consider this fun.) Then there’s the Cloudinary Regenerate Hackathon, an event recently held for Cloudinarians around the globe to collaborate, show off their creativity, and compete for amazing prizes. The focus of the event was to harness the power of AI, specifically ChatGPT and generative AI, to build innovative applications and functionalities that will improve customers’ experiences or Cloudinary’s internal workflows.

The Rengerate Hackathon brought together beginners and seasoned pros, ensuring that everyone challenged themselves to push the boundaries of GPT and generative AI technologies.

In all, 25 teams presented a staggering range of customer-focused or process-related ideas. All were creative and further demonstrated the potential for good inherent in ChatGPT and generative AI. After an intense innovation sprint, the teams presented their projects to the judging panel. 

And the winners are… (cue the drumroll) 

Project TitleProject Description
🥇 MediaFlows Text-to-FlowMediaFlows Text-to-Flow empowers users to express their creative vision with ease. 
Write what you want to accomplish, and MediaFlows will build it for you.
🥈 Hey, Adam! (Prompt My DAM)Hey, Adam! is a chat-based DAM assistant that reacts to a user’s text request, such as navigating the DAM or even executing a task on the user’s behalf, improving the efficiency of DAM workflows.
🥉 On-Call AssistantThe On-Call Assistant summarizes ticket threads using ChatGPT, offers recommendations for new tickets, suggests a solution when applicable, and provides relevant references.
This project streamlines customer support processes using AI-powered automation.
🥉 Creative Intelligent Automation (CIA)The Creative Intelligent Automation (CIA) is a SOHO product that automatically generates creative video clips based on user prompts using generative AI, ChatGPT, Cloudinary transformations, and assets in the Cloudinary media library.

Whether it’s for marketing campaigns, sales promotions, or tutorials, CIA makes video production workflows fast and efficient.

Among the notable honorable mentions were Image 360 Image, which takes a 2D image and turns it into a full 360 VR panorama using Outpainting and Stable Diffusion. Another, Highlighting Electric Sheep: Annotating Generative AI outputs in DAM. This will help end-users and publishers know if the visual media is “real” by tagging AI-generated images.

Curious to learn more about the Regenerate Hackathon or have questions about the winning innovations? Join the conversation in the Cloudinary Community or the Cloudinary Community Discord server. And, if you haven’t already, sign up for a free Cloudinary account today.

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