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Introducing Video Summarization from Cloudinary Labs

Cloudinary Labs has introduced a new tool that uses our powerful AI to quickly create previews of your videos. 

This free proof-of-concept interface can help you automate your video workflows without needing to write code!

These summarization clips are created using Cloudinary’s Media Intelligence platform and eliminate the need for time-intensive tasks such as manual editing and AI model creation.

The technology even allows you to control the length of the generated clip, which can help with  automating many everyday video-related tasks, for example:

  • Creating captures of your most compelling content
  • Creating engaging teasers for your videos
  • Creating video previews to replace static thumbnails
  • Creating TikTok and Instagram reels

Using the tool couldn’t be easier. The user uploads a video and selects a desired length for the preview (up to 30 seconds). Once submitted, Cloudinary does the rest.

The tool runs on the same Artificial Intelligence that powers our e_preview feature in Programmable Media.

This AI was trained on a massive collection of videos that human viewers annotated to identify the most compelling segments. These annotations were then used to  create a model for identifying exciting elements of almost any video it analyzes.

When a user submits a video to this AI, the model will examine each frame and give it a score based on its content’s importance. The analysis keeps track of these scores as it goes through the video.

The output screen from the tool, including the graph of frame importance

Based on the desired preview length entered by the user, the AI will generate the summary/preview using an optimal mix of the most compelling segments detected in the original video.

The video summary tool is free to try. If interested, head to the interface and upload a video to see it in action. You’ll be able to download the preview once complete. Want to get an idea of how the technology works, there are several preloaded videos that you can also try without uploading your own.

Cloudinary Labs is hard at work creating next-generation tools to help streamline your Media needs. Check out the website for more information on the tools we have created.

This preview tool is just one of many great features Cloudinary offers for video. Our powerful Video API allows you to optimize and transform videos at scale. 

Finally, If you want to learn more about how Cloudinary utilizes AI to automate everyday media tasks intelligently, the Media Intelligence page is for you.

Built by Cloudinary Labs, this tool is now available in a proof-of-concept version that you can try for free. Take it for a quick test drive and let us know what you think. We need your feedback!

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