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Media + Jamstack = MediaJams, a Free Community Tool for Finding Sample Code for Media

For developers who constantly tackle programming problems and build solutions, finding answers through code in the wild can be a big time-saver. The Developer Relations Team at Cloudinary is proud to announce the community tool MediaJams, which aims to educate you on media with descriptions of typical use cases along with sample code for building them.

The name MediaJams is to highlight the tool’s focus on Jamstack, which involves the adoption of APIs and front-end programming for use cases that leverage video, images, and sound. MediaJams promises to be a big help in enhancing the media experience offered by web and mobile applications.

Here are examples of use cases whose sample code you can pinpoint with MediaJams:

  • Automatic generation of social-sharing images with Gatsby.js
  • Creation of photo galleries with automatic thumbnails in React.js
  • Setup of serverless uploads
  • Creation of video blogs in Next.js
  • Conversion of Nuxt.js images to PDF files
  • Creation of Discord Bots that generate GIF images with Node.js
  • Generation of business cards with Nuxt.js
  • Transformation of images to 3D canvases with React

Please share what you learn from MediaJams on social media with the #MediaJams hashtag. As more and more developers lend their insight, MediaJams will become a valuable pool of resources for building media-oriented apps.

MediaJams homepage

Cloudinary built MediaJams with a top priority of meeting the needs of the community of learners. Hence your input is paramount: we’d love to have your take on our features, things you’d love to see, or overall feel of the site. Do send us your comments through this feedback form.

To raise concerns, write to us at

In addition, join our MediaDevs community on Discord, where we share experiences, best practices, and technologies for building applications that capitalize on visual media.

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