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Personalized Experiences Reduce Time and Stress of Online Holiday Shopping

For some, namely retailers, the holidays can be pretty stressful. Mainly because for many retailers, the holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year bringing in big bucks. How big? According to the National Retail Federation, sales during 2022’s November to December holiday season grew 5.3% over 2021 to $936.3B. 

In the run up to this year’s holiday season, we thought this would be a good time to share with retailers the many ways Cloudinary is integral in the personalization and delivery of the visual experiences that go a long way toward ensuring your brand’s holiday season is merry, bright, and profitable. 

A brand website has to do a lot of work, not least of which is make shoppers feel confident in their purchases. Building buyer confidence starts with accurate, engaging product photos and video. 

As the industry’s best URL transformation API to generate in-depth, photo-realistic quality images of any product, Cloudinary empowers brands to deliver the optimal online shopping experience. One that builds the buyer’s confidence and provides them with the visual experiences they need to make an informed purchase decision, no matter the device.

Case in point: Levi’s, who rely on Cloudinary to create 360-degree spin sets for each product at scale. This creation and delivery of a spin set on the Levi’s site used to require 25+ images of each product, including color variations. With Cloudinary, these assets are now automatically generated for the effortless scaling needed to manage seasonal spikes.  

In these days of incredible data collection capabilities, there’s no excuse for not delivering a personalized experience. This kind of experience includes personalized product videos or user-generated videos and images.

Cloudinary technology makes the personalization process simple by automatically transforming content to fit changing page requirements like cropping, overlaying text, borders, customized colors, designs, and more. 

Personalized experiences guide shoppers through the online store, saving time and driving conversions.

Every shopping journey is unique. Some people like to shop on their mobile phones and then make the purchase online. Others browse a brand’s offerings online and then pick up their purchase in store to avoid holiday shipping delays. No matter how many different ways buyers interact with your brand, one thing that needs to be seamless is their omnichannel experience. 

Cloudinary adapts and delivers visual experiences to channels, like mobile, web, IoT, digital signage, and more, so when a shopper is drawn to an item by an engaging in-store photo, that same image will be seen on every channel. All assets can be automatically formatted to match the needs and quality needs of all channels. 

Connecting omnichannel shopping journeys with engaging visual experiences will enhance the shopper’s ability to find what they want, when they want it. 

Cloudinary relieves unnecessary stress by optimizing visual experiences that improve the shopping journey — even during the busiest shopping season. 

Make the most [of] this year’s holiday season. Sign up for a Cloudinary account today.

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