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Season Your Sites With Festive, AI-Generated Scenes

Regardless of where you live, you can’t help but notice that we’re nearing that part of the year when the focus shifts to all things holiday-related. If you haven’t noticed, all you need to do is visit some of your favorite e-commerce sites and you’ll notice holiday-themed beginning to appear. 

Decorating any site is a good idea. The sight of holiday-themed decorations has been known to bring a smile to almost any face. Beyond the good feelings and goodwill, there’s this to consider. Most shoppers won’t be going to a brick-and-mortar store preferring to shop online. 

As a member of a team that makes the image and video platform for the web, it’s hard not to ask, who can blame a person for wanting to avoid the malls and crowds and the parking, etc.? 

The key to decorating your website for the season is to make it festive while keeping your branding intact and not over-spending on photographing, retouching, rephotographing, and editing images to craft the perfect holiday campaign. 

There is a way to reduce the cost and time spent seasoning your site. Introducing the Holiday Scenes and Backgrounds tool, the latest feature from Cloudinary’s FinalTouch generative AI program.

Decorate your site for any occasion using AI-powered image creation. With Holiday Scenes and Backgrounds, brands can customize images to ensure optimal relevance and effective communication. 

Going into the 2023 holiday season, consumer confidence is high, thanks to quantifiable dips in inflation and other positive economic news. All this good news is a tremendous opportunity for brands to keep consumer spirits high by delivering a cheerful holiday-themed experience.

For the same reasons consumers like to watch the same holiday-themed movies every year, they like to see positive images of holiday cheer when shopping. Holiday visuals provide “emotional resonance,” a sense of nostalgia for better days, a reminder of the importance of human connection, and the joy of giving. 

With Halloween approaching, this is a great time to try the new Holiday Scenes and Backgrounds for FinalTouch. The AI-powered feature instantly transforms existing product images with holiday-themed imagery that immediately decorates an image with emotionally relevant and cheerful holiday scenes and background images. With one click, brands can update images and be ready for the holidays. 

For example, a home furnishing brand may have a fantastic photo of a sofa set situated in a tropical environment. With the Holiday Scenes and Backgrounds feature, generative AI is used to transform the picture, instantly replacing the background with an autumnal background.

Compared to a traditional process of developing images for a holiday campaign, brands can save creative teams months of work. Brand teams can focus on messaging and broader themes that speak to their consumers and direct the AI to deliver images that support the strategic messaging.

By using Cloudinary’s FinalTouch, brands can sprinkle their images with a little holiday-specific magic. Feel free to experiment with FinalTouch, testing out a variety of ideas to find the holiday background and supportive accents that fits your brand best. The Holiday Scenes and Backgrounds function is specially designed for brand teams to explore and discover new ideas and create impactful visuals for the season. 

After all, the power of an AI-modeled solution is the ability to support creative teams as they follow creative inspiration and save time on editing and formatting images, all while generating an endless range of holiday-inspired visuals. 

Try out FinalTouch and share your holiday-themed experiences.

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