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Automate Placeholder Generation and Accelerate Page Loads

Low-quality image placeholders (LQIPs) were originally introduced to enable webpages to load correctly in an orderly manner, displaying ultra small, blurry images while the actual version is loading, which works well with lazy loading in JavaScript. Then came a dilemma: should we add more JavaScript to help images load faster even though we must wait for the same JavaScript to run before they can load? It was a chicken-and-egg situation.

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Three Popular and Efficient Ways for Loading Images

In the web-design arena, what you don’t see can hurt you. Worse, it could damage your brand’s reputation, let alone hurt the bottom line. I’m talking about images, which can consume a lot of bandwidth, upwards of 70 percent in some sites. Viewing them incurs a cost on your and your visitors’ part. In fact, you’re probably charged for images that are not displayed because visitors don’t scroll down far enough to view them.

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 New Image File Format: FUIF:Lossy, Lossless, and Free

I've been working to create a new image format, which I'm calling FUIF, or Free Universal Image Format. That’s a rather pretentious name, I know. But I couldn’t call it the Free Lossy Image Format (FLIF) because that acronym is not available any more (see below) and FUIF can do lossless, too, so it wouldn’t be accurate either.

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