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Last updated: May-17-2023

Cloudinary is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for managing all your web or mobile application's media assets in the cloud. Cloudinary offers an end-to-end solution for all your image and video needs, including upload, storage, administration, transformation and optimized delivery. Media upload, processing, and delivery are handled on Cloudinary's servers, which automatically scale for handling high load and bursts of traffic.

This end-to-end solution addresses every stage of the media management process, with a fully-fledged Digital Asset Management (DAM) user interface designed for both creative teams and programmers, alongside a comprehensive API that enables developers to programmatically transform and deliver both in-house and user-generated media content in your website or mobile app with only a few lines of code.

Get Started Guides

  • Developer Get Started guide describes the technical elements of Cloudinary's Programmable Media solution, providing developers with an overall picture of the Cloudinary service, including initial setup and configuration, and where to find more detailed information on the service's functionality, framework integration options, and the various features.
  • Get started with DAM provides an overview of Cloudinary's Digital Asset Management (DAM) functionality.

Video Tutorial Library

Check out our Video Tutorial Library to watch quick walkthroughs of how to get started with Cloudinary and use specific features.

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