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Cloudinary's Mapping Capability Creates Images From Forsyth-Edwards Notation Strings

Watching The Queen’s Gambit took me back in time to a memorable experience 21 years ago, my senior year in high school. To fulfill part of my final-exam requirement for Computer Science, I wrote a chess program in Pascal—a truly enjoyable and stimulating adventure. The algorithm was based on a calculation of the scores of potential moves, with a tree of nodes holding all the options for the current position and the potential responses for each move from the opponent. The total score for each pair of moves determines what the computer does. Due to memory limitation, the tree holds only two levels of moves: one for the current position and the other for the opponent’s potential moves.

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Android Data Saver: Optimizing Mobile Data Usage with Cloudinary

Over the life of a mobile device, the cost of a cellular data plan often exceeds that of the device itself. To optimize data usage and purge useless data on their mobile devices, users can enable Data Saver from Android 7.0 (API level 24). To do so, users toggle Data Saver in quick settings under the Notification shade or under Settings > Data usage. With Data Saver enabled, apps that aren't whitelisted cannot use cellular data in the background. They are also directed to consume less data while active.

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Give your mobile app a boost: Responsive image delivery

In this part, I'll show you how to implement our new responsive images solution, which enables you to optimize the image you deliver based on the requesting device's resolution and the available dimensions. This new feature can help you to simplify the many complexities of creating multiple variants of every media assets, with on-the-fly manipulation and fast delivery through the CDN.

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Give your Mobile App a Boost: Image Upload Preprocessing

As a mobile developer, enabling users to upload images and share them with other users is a very common requirement. When developing those capabilities, we need to take into account that most users won't think twice about uploading the massive images that their high-resolution mobile cameras capture. Those huge files are not only overkill for on-screen display, but can also cause significant slow downs in upload and delivery times. And of course those same users wouldn't think twice about complaining or abandoning our app if their overall user experience wasn't smooth and fast.

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Image Loading and Optimization with Cloudinary and Fresco

In Android, working with images (bitmaps) is really difficult because the application runs out of memory (OOM) very frequently. OOM is the biggest nightmare for Android developers.

There are some well known open source libraries that can help us deal with such problems like Picasa, Glide, and Fresco.

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