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Easy Image Loading and Optimization with Cloudinary and Fresco

In Android, working with images (bitmaps) is really difficult because the application runs out of memory (OOM) very frequently. OOM is the biggest nightmare for Android developers.

There are some well known open source libraries that can help us deal with such problems like Picasa, Glide, and Fresco.

Fresco (by Facebook) is my favorite. Fresco is written in C/C++. It uses ashmem heap instead of VM heap. Intermediate byte buffers are also stored in the native heap. This leaves a lot more memory available for applications to use and reduces the risk of OOMs. It also reduces the amount of garbage collection required, leading to better performance and a smoother experience in our app. Another cool thing is that Fresco supports multiple images (multi-URI), requesting different image qualities per-situation, which help us further improve the user experience in cases of poor connectivity for example.

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