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Cloudinary Community Spotlight: From Mobile Development to Solution Architecture – Christian Ferranti

In part one of our Cloudinary Community Spotlight series, we met Genaro Bonavita, the developer who created Clippitt, one of the award-winning projects from our recent CloudCreate Hackathon.

Part two of our series showcases Christian Ferranti, whose coding journey has taken him from mobile development to becoming a Solution Architect and Sales Engineer. 

Christian began his career as a mobile developer for BlackBerry, iOS, and Android. He then transitioned into full-stack development and consulting. Since then, he has worked with companies in marketing, credit rating agencies, insurance, fintech, and more. Notably, Christian served as a CTO for a wealth management company, developing web applications and internal tools.

Christian primarily uses Python for backend development and Vue.js for frontend work. This combination allows him to create robust and efficient solutions for his clients.

Christian learned about Cloudinary during his training as a sales engineer. The power and simplicity of Cloudinary’s APIs captivated him, leading him to incorporate Cloudinary into his projects.

Christian states the Upload API, add-ons, and the new MediaFlows are all standout features of the Cloudinary platform. These tools seamlessly integrate with his projects, empowering him to efficiently manage and deliver media content.

Christian can’t share all the details (darn those NDAs!) but is currently working on developing a sophisticated approval workflow with watermarking for one of his clients. 

Christian’s involvement in the Cloudinary Community stems from his role as a Cloudinary Certified Implementation Consultant. Additionally, he’s an active member of the Italian cybersecurity community called SecurityCert, where he mentors and trains aspiring professionals. 

Christian believes that resolving others’ problems is an excellent way to learn new technologies. Engaging with the developer community also enables him to share his knowledge, stay updated on the latest trends, and grow as a developer.

Christian’s advice is simple: “Read the manual!” You’d be amazed at how often the answer is staring right at you.

Want to discuss the topic of this blog or chat with other developers about all things Cloudinary? Join the Cloudinary Community here or check out the Cloudinary Community’s Discord server.

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