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Cloudinary Community Spotlight: Genaro Bonavita

In this edition of our Community Spotlight series, please meet Genaro Bonavita, a talented developer who created Clippitt, one of the award-winning projects from our recent CloudCreate Hackathon.

Genaro began his developer journey in October 2021 and has already created many impressive projects that can be found on his GitHub and portfolio. Some of his most interesting projects include IKodi, a blog where he writes about programming and web development, Animated Weather, which generates animated videos of the weather anywhere in the world, and TailwindHub, a community repository for sharing Tailwind components (which also uses Cloudinary).

Clippitt is a project that allows users to trim Twitch clips and create custom layouts for them. The finished product can be shared on social media or embedded on websites, making it a versatile tool for content creators and streamers.

Genaro was inspired by similar tools and thought it would be a fun project to build himself. His experience as a developer allowed him to create a unique take on the concept, which led to the creation of Clippitt.

According to Genaro, there were several challenges involved in building Clippitt. One of the most significant challenges was how to upload the Twitch clip to Cloudinary without compromising the user experience. He decided to upload the clip while the user was editing the video and use Cloudinary’s REST API to upload it on the fly.

Genaro also needed to ensure that the same clip wouldn’t get uploaded again if someone tried to use it and it was already uploaded, which would consume unnecessary memory and bandwidth. Instead, he used the clip’s ID as its public Cloudinary ID, so a clip would only be uploaded when needed, making it fast and efficient.

Another challenge was assigning the X and Y coordinates of the trimmed parts to the final video and positioning them correctly according to each layout. With a bit of math, Genaro was able to solve this problem and make Clippitt a success.

The most fun part of building Clippitt, according to Genaro, was seeing the finished product come together and being able to share it with others.

Genaro used the Cloudinary URL Gen SDK for React. As for the transformations, he used blur for the background; overlay for positioning the cropped areas; and crop, resize, round, and fill to adjust the video. These tools allowed him to create a polished and professional-looking product.

If you want to learn more about Genaro or Clippitt, you can check out his GitHub or his portfolio. Clippitt is hosted on and is available for anyone to use.

Congratulations to Genaro for his amazing work on Clippitt! We’re excited to see what he creates next and how he continues to use Cloudinary’s tools to innovate and create exciting projects.

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