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Dune London Boosts UX and Cuts Costs With Cloudinary

Loyal Dune London customers and fans of its affordable luxury shoes—from wedding heels to biker boots—have come to expect an in-store experience that oozes quality, distinctiveness, and cool. The iconic retailer was committed to delivering the essence of its chic London fashion destination online.

As Dune London approached its 30th anniversary, its legacy website, originally built in 2005, was struggling to scale and keep pace with online growth fueled in large part by the pandemic. Head of Digital Product Elaine Smith seized the opportunity to re-platform and deliver a modern online experience fit for today’s consumer.

As part of this change, Dune London turned to Cloudinary’s DAM solution – a solution that would fit into a modern web stack, securely and efficiently manage visual assets at scale, and integrate seamlessly with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Cloudinary fit Dune’s needs perfectly, providing five key benefits:

A future-proof DAM: Cloudinary’s DAM has helped Dune London overcome all the limitations it faced with its legacy web architecture. It’s also so easy that most users need little or no training. Dune London can also extend the system to as many partners as it needs to since Cloudinary doesn’t charge on a per-seat basis.

Cloudinary’s modern architecture and pricing model has saved the brand 50% in license and network storage costs.

Freeing up creative capacity: By ditching its old spreadsheet-based, and download-clogged DAM process for managing visual assets Dune London has greatly sped up production. This has freed up Dune London’s creatives to spend more time on what they do best: creating cool, compelling, informative content for every stage of the customer journey to improve conversion rates.

Stylish, high-performance web visuals: Cloudinary’s image handling helps strike the optimal balance between fast page load and the ability to display amazing, super-high resolution product images.

An optimal mobile experience: visual media optimization extends to mobile, where 80% of Dune London’s customers shop.

With Cloudinary, shoppers now get an authentic Dune London experience, whether they’re in-store, at home, or on the move.

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