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First Customer Opinion Stage on Growing With Cloudinary

As Cloudinary celebrates reaching an incredible milestone of 2 million developers, we’re reminded of our humble beginnings and the journey that brought us to where we are today. To mark this special occasion, we took a moment to sit down with our very first customer, Opinion Stage. Since their initial adoption of Cloudinary, Opinion Stage has grown alongside us, using our image and video API platform to enhance their innovative visual and conversational quizzes, forms, and surveys. In our recent conversation with them, we reflected on their achievements and how Cloudinary has evolved to meet their needs over the years.

Can you tell us about Opinion Stage and how Cloudinary supports your organization?

Opinion Stage is a service for creating visual and conversational quizzes, forms, and surveys. We focus on creating compelling, interactive experiences that drive results for our clients. Hosting and efficiently delivering a large volume of images and videos to our quiz and survey widgets is a big task. Fortunately, Cloudinary handles this heavy lifting, offloading a significant burden from our team.  

When did you first start using Cloudinary?

We’ve been relying on Cloudinary since our launch in 2011 as its founders were instrumental in helping us build Opinion Stage — prior to Cloudinary’s official launch in 2012. However, in 2018, we extended our use even more when we transitioned to become a SaaS service for delivering visual quizzes, forms, and surveys.  

How was the implementation process? How fast were you up and running? 

Implementing Cloudinary was and is super fast. It took us just hours to get up and running, and it usually takes just a few hours to change even major configurations when needed. We always get great support from the Cloudinary team.

How many assets are you managing with Cloudinary?

Thousands of customers use the Cloudinary widget to upload images and videos daily. In fact, we manage close to 5 million assets on the Cloudinary cloud — a number that’s growing fast! 

Which Cloudinary features do you rely on most? How would you rate Cloudinary in terms of ease of use?

We rely a lot on the media upload widget from Cloudinary as it is integrated deeply into our product. I would give Cloudinary 10/10. It’s really easy to use and manage. Support responds very quickly whenever we encounter an issue, be it technical or configuration. We are also often asked to suggest improvements, and our suggestions are considered in the roadmap, so that’s great.

Can you share one thing you like (or love!) about using Cloudinary?

Thousands of Opinion Stage customers use the Cloudinary Upload widget, which offers them an easy way to upload images and videos from their repositories or many third-party providers like Shutterstock. The Cloudinary uploader also lets users crop the images before uploading them to the cloud. This piece alone saved us a lot of work. We also get regular improvements to the uploader, which our customers appreciate.

How has Cloudinary contributed to Opinion Stage’s growth and success? 

Images are central to our work as a visual quiz and survey maker. Offloading everything related to image delivery and optimizations has saved us hundreds of development hours, freeing us to focus on our core. Our customers often remark on the lightning-fast loading of our widgets, which we attribute primarily to our partnership with Cloudinary. By offloading all media delivery and optimization tasks to Cloudinary, we save hundreds of development hours and achieve better results. 

We are thrilled to have reached the 2 million developer milestone, a testament to the trust and support of our incredible customers like Opinion Stage. Cloudinary’s evolution is deeply intertwined with the needs and feedback of our users, ensuring we continue to deliver exceptional value. To learn more about the remarkable results Cloudinary customers have achieved, explore our case studies to see how we can help you transform your websites and apps with visual-first experiences.

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