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Introducing Cloudinary Labs’ Erase It! Tool: Remove Unwanted Elements from Your Images with AI

Erase It

If you work with photos and images daily, you know how frustrating it can be to spend hours removing an unwanted object. Fortunately, with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), image “inpainting” has become an incredibly effective solution. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to Cloudinary Labs’ Erase It! Tool, an interface that uses advanced AI to remove unwanted objects from your photos and images with a click.

Cloudinary Labs’ Erase It! tool is a free-to-use, proof-of-concept demo backed by Cloudinary’s powerful AI. It combines several AI/ML functions to seamlessly detect, remove, and intelligently replace the missing part of the image with the existing surroundings. The result is a high-quality image that looks like it would if the deleted object was never there.

To start, let’s review what inpainting is. Inpainting is a technique in which missing or damaged parts of an image are intelligently and seamlessly corrected using its surrounding area. This capability is helpful when dealing with media that have unwanted objects or people. 

 Suffice it to say this is a challenging task when done by hand.

Cloudinary’s Erase It! functionality utilizes our advanced object detection – trained on billions of images – to identify objects, products, and people in an image. Once a user selects something to delete, Cloudinary’s image manipulation tools will remove it and replace the now blank space based on its surroundings.

Cloudinary uses established Erase It! models to backfill the now-blank area using the existing image content. The combination of Cloudinary’s object detection and these inpainting models makes this a powerful tool for image correction and workflow automation.

Using the Cloudinary Erase It! tool is quite simple. To start:

  1. Head over to the Cloudinary Erase It! tool.
  2. Upload a photo, or select a pre-existing example. Once processed, the image will be displayed, highlighting objects detected by Cloudinary.
  3. Click on the detected object you’d like removed and click “erase” below the image. 
  4. The tool will update the image with the selected item removed and the missing areas inpainted.

From here, you can share or download the image (be sure to accept the terms first).

Cloudinary Labs’ Erase It! Tool is a free proof-of-concept tool that uses advanced AI/ML capabilities to detect and remove unwanted elements from images. It seamlessly replaces the cleared area with the existing surroundings through AI-based “inpainting.” Combining Cloudinary’s object detection technology and established inpainting models, the Erase It! Tool provides a powerful image correction and workflow automation solution. This tool can save significant time and effort in removing unwanted objects or people if you work with images. Try it and see how it can improve your image editing workflow.

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