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Neiman Marcus Upgrades to Cloudinary and Reduces Photoshoot-to-Web by 50%

Neiman Marcus

Most people know Neiman Marcus as a chain of luxury brick-and-mortar department stores dating back to 1907. What most don’t know is they also have a dynamic ecommerce presence with an annual revenue of $4.9 billion. Part of their digital success has a lot to do with their digital strategy. 

When Neiman Marcus decided to implement a mobile-first strategy, they turned to Cloudinary. And, when the time came to abandon their legacy systems and migrate to a new image and video platform, the choice was obvious.

The retailer’s website is another revenue generator attracting an international audience. A strategy that Neiman Marcus entrusted to Cloudinary to enhance through higher-performing digital assets and improved workflows. With more than 18 million assets under management, Neiman Marcus delivers a beautifully designed website and mobile image- and video-driven experience as elegant and accessible as its stores. 

Sri Kalavacharla, Sr. Director Omni Personalization and Engagement Engineering, described this migration as more than onboarding a digital asset management (DAM) solution. “What you’re getting is Cloudinary,” Kalavacharla said, “plus a content delivery network that helps you deliver better-performing assets.”

One unanticipated and immediate benefit of the migration to Cloudinary was improved web performance in the form of 3X faster page load times. Why so much faster? Kalavacharla states Cloudinary’s automatic image optimization through AI, rendering all imagery at the highest quality available. The solution can optimize images by file size, format, and more. This ensures they load and run at the greatest speed possible.

In a world of competing digital experiences, speed is critical. Kalavacharla states companies can no longer create a website and be OK with it running at dial-up speed. Data shows that a one-second delay can cause a 20% drop in traffic. Consumers need images to load quickly and mobile-first. Cloudinary ensures the images are optimally delivered wherever consumers are shopping, regardless of device, format, or bandwidth.

Read the full case study to learn more.

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