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New Cloudinary Solutions Partner Program Accelerates Our Joint Value to Customers

In today’s digital economy, companies need to be able to deliver visually-rich media experiences on all digital channels to meet user expectations. To help many of our customers do this, we partner with the best solution integrators, digital and marketing agencies, and consultancies.

And now, we are excited to share an important milestone in Cloudinary’s Partner Program: a new and advanced Solution Partner Program designed to accelerate the success of our solution partners, grow their business and provide more value to their customers. Through the program, Cloudinary Solution Partners will have everything they need to create and deliver fast and flawless visual media experiences for their customers, no matter where the experience occurs  or where the viewer is engaged. 

With more than 100 solution providers already part of the Cloudinary network, we’re committed to collaborating with partners to maximize customer value. This program extends that commitment. It creates a new way for our partners to access onboarding, training, and sales and marketing tools. By simplifying these processes and creating a new Partner Portal, our partners will be able to more fully take advantage of and deliver the full range of Cloudinary services. 

This program comes to life at a time when we’re seeing major shifts in the way the world’s most respected brands build their tech stacks. Monolithic entities simply can’t keep up with the pace of innovation required to satisfy their customers’ demands and creativity. Brands aren’t just looking for the right vendor to solve a problem — they’re searching for the right tech stack to get them where they want to go. 

That’s a driving force behind the trend of headless, API-first architecture gaining massive momentum. The birth and rise of the MACH Alliance – of which we and many of our partners are members – is a testament to this market shift. We share the view that a fully unified best-of-breed tech stack delivers the best results, and recognized that to help our current and future customers find the right stack for their precise needs, we needed to create even more transparent and supportive partnerships with our technology and solution partners. 

We also recognized the need to empower our partners with robust tools and streamlined processes. The new Cloudinary Solution Partner Program includes new-business service opportunities for integrating and implementing Cloudinary, additional co-marketing options with Cloudinary, as well as access to automatic deal registration and new training and enablement — making it easy to learn about, integrate with, and demo Cloudinary.

Key features of the Cloudinary Solution Partner Program include:

  • Brand awareness and co-marketing opportunities to help our solutions partners reach a wider audience and gain customers.
  • New training and skills badges to increase partners’ understanding of how Cloudinary solutions fit into their tech stack and to uplevel credibility with their customers with our new on demand and live partner training.
  • Partner Portal to provide easy access to co-brandable sales and marketing materials, live and on-demand training for the whole team, program compliance information, and deal registration 
  • Tiered offerings to delineate clear success parameters for each partner tier (i.e., Club, Bronze, Silver and Gold) and higher commission rates and accelerators for repeat business
  • New service opportunities, Cloudinary offers additional service opportunities to trained partners based on their tier and vertical expertise

The Cloudinary Solutions Partner Program improves on a partner environment already laser focused on productivity and value to customers. By tapping into the best of our partner network — and enabling them to get all they need from us — Cloudinary is in a better position to fulfill our mission to help more companies unleash the full potential of their visual media. 

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