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Empowering Connections and Recognizing Excellence: New Features for Cloudinary Community Members

The Cloudinary Community is here to help our users get questions answered, share knowledge, and connect with other members around the world. Our community consists of two official sites: our Community forum and our Discord server.

Since the launch of our twin sites in late 2022, we’ve seen an ever-increasing number of members finding answers to their questions and connecting with other professionals. And as we head into summer, we’re happy to share that there are some new community features and benefits for both new and existing members.

All Cloudinary customers joining our forum for the first time now receive a small credit boost applied to their account usage quota as a thank-you! If you joined the forums before mid-May and didn’t get the credit boost, please reach out to our Support team and they’ll take care of it for you.

Each month, we’re sharing spotlights on the blog to showcase active community members, their contributions, and success stories. The first is about our CloudCreate Hackathon winner, Genaro Bonavita. If you’re a community member and have a story you’d like to us to spotlight, let us know in the #brag-board Discord channel.

Starting this summer, active community participants will be eligible to receive our most popular Cloudinary swag for answering questions posted by other members.

Software developers who regularly advocate for a better visual web on their blog or social media sites may be eligible to join our exclusive Ambassadors program. Ambassadors speak at conferences, write blogs, make videos, and even create entire libraries for Cloudinary.

Cloudinary is committed to building a growing and helpful community for our customers. With recent additions like quota boosts, monthly spotlights, thank-you gifts, and the Ambassadors program, we’re committed to enhance your experience and reward your participation. We hope you’ll join us, share your knowledge, and unlock the full potential of your Cloudinary experience.

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