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Our Smartest Smart Crop Just Got Smarter

Delivering picture-perfect visual assets is critical for any digital business. But cropping every image for every digital experience scenario is impossible for brands to do manually, especially for those managing millions of visual assets.

Cloudinary is always researching new, smarter ways for brands, developers, and their customers to deliver better online experiences. Here’s the latest that we’ve developed that will get users a picture-perfect crop every time and at every scale.

Introducing the new Auto Crop (c_auto), specially designed to complement our AI Auto Gravity (g_auto). Together, these features offer a new level of automation for cropping images. This context-aware cropping tool intelligently determines the optimal crop and resize for an image, taking into account its content, context, and the specified dimensions or aspect ratio. By identifying the relevant parts of the image, it ensures that the essential elements are preserved during resizing. The powerful combination of g_auto, c_auto takes charge of cropping while being fully aware of each image’s context, working seamlessly regardless of the image’s content, strictly keeping to the requested dimensions or aspect ratio.

The c_auto_pad cropping mode aims to avoid undesirable or “bad” crops by initially attempting to use the basic auto mode while adding padding only if the algorithm determines that more of the original image should be included in the final result. This proves especially beneficial when the derived image’s aspect ratio is significantly different from the original.

Taking c_auto_pad one step further, combining it with generative fill (b_gen_fill) creates generative ai-enhanced padded crops. Using this combination ensures the visual integrity of your images. It provides a natural-looking extension of the original, padding it with new pixels that flow seamlessly from the existing background for a cohesive, visually pleasing result.

For a more detailed look into how c_auto works, check out our DevHints video and blog.

Low-quality images are a thing of the past with Cloudinary’s Image Enhance (e_enhance). This innovative feature utilizes generative AI to transform ordinary images into professional-grade assets by addressing common issues like exposure balancing, white balancing, and color vividness. The end result,  images look exceptional and perform optimally across web- and mobile-responsive platforms. Use Image Enhance (e_enhance) to  automatically:

  • Correct both underexposure and overexposure within the same image, enhancing visibility in dim areas while retrieving details in bright sections.
  • Adjust white balance for natural and accurate color representation, crucial for true-to-life visuals.
  • Boost saturation, revitalizing images with faded colors to make them more vibrant and lively.

This new development from Cloudinary gives brands the assurance that their visual content consistently reflects the highest quality standards.

Creating perfect image thumbnails and previews has never been easier with Cloudinary’s Enhanced Downscaling feature. As images are reduced for use as thumbnails or previews, this capability ensures that the highest quality is retained, preserving the integrity and visual appeal of each image. By enhancing downscaling processes, brands improve the user experiences and maintain consistency across their digital platforms, driving engagement, and satisfaction.

Cloudianry’s Auto-Optimize feature delivers all images and videos in the optimal format and size by default based on the user’s device, browser and bandwidth, including new and modern formats such as AVIF, JPEG XL, and AV1. Auto-Optimize eliminates the risk of poorly-performing images and videos that harm page-load times and negatively impact the user experience, while also helping to reduce carbon footprint. Tests of the new feature have shown Cloudinary’s video API is the fastest in the market for delivering optimized videos across the full range of viewing contexts. 

Cloudinary is providing the tools that deliver the transformative solutions needed to streamline workflows, enhance the user experience, and drive engagement. Our commitment to innovation ensures that brands deliver the exceptional visual experiences that their customers demand while seeing an incredible ROI for the business.

Elevate your brand with Cloudinary’s intelligent image and video API platform and join over 10,000 of the world’s leading brands and 1.5 million developers that trust Cloudinary to deliver unparalleled results.

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