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Automatic Image Enhancement at Scale: Introducing Cloudinary’s e_enhance

For reasons too numerous to list, the advent of artificial intelligence in generating and editing images is, understandably, garnering a lot of attention in the tech and mainstream press.

Away from the headline-grabbing AI’s capabilities for practical image enhancement at scale, is profound. While less widely discussed, this aspect offers developers a practical and powerful tool for enhancing images by eliminating imperfections. e_enhance by Cloudinary is our latest feature to increase the ease with which developers can employ AI for image enhancement. 

e_enhance automatically adjusts over- and under-exposed photos, performs color corrections, and color enhancements. Coupled with Cloudinary’s comprehensive improvement features like e_improve and e_gen_restore, e_enhance solidifies our platform as the simplest solution for developers aiming to harness AI for scalable image enhancements.

e_enhance harnesses AI to meticulously analyze images, making precise adjustments to amplify their appeal. It addresses common photographic challenges, including:

  • Exposure reduction. Skillfully corrects overexposed images by toning down excessive brightness and restoring detail in washed-out areas.
  • Exposure enhancement. Brightens underexposed images, enhancing dim sections without losing the image’s inherent quality.
  • Color intensification. Boosts color vibrancy, making hues more dynamic and the overall image more lively.
  • Color temperature correction. Adjusts white balance to correct color casts, ensuring the image’s colors mirror real life accurately.

e_enhance isn’t generative AI. Instead, it’s the product of a sophisticatedly trained machine-learning model focused on image improvement. Our machine learning experts have meticulously trained this model on diverse images, ensuring it meets a wide range of enhancement needs — especially for photos taken by non-professionals, such as vacation or food shots, which may not be shot under the best conditions or with the best equipment. 

The model identifies and intelligently corrects the image’s flaws, making it ideal for websites and apps. It enhances the user experience without limiting your use of otherwise desirable assets due to poor quality.

e_enhance shines in several practical scenarios:

  • User-generated content (UGC). Often captured by amateurs, UGC may suffer from exposure and color issues. e_enhance automates image improvement, unlocking the potential of UGC across digital platforms.
  • Professional image workflow automation. Even professional photographers can’t always control their conditions, sometimes being forced to take snaps in low light, for example. e_enhance automates the post-shooting touch-up process, freeing creative professionals to focus on what they do best.

Combining e_enhance with other Cloudinary tools can maximize your image enhancement workflows:

  • e_gen_restore. Use alongside e_enhance to revive damaged or low-quality images.
  • Additional transformations: auto_contrast, auto_color, auto_brightness, and fill_light can fine-tune enhancements, providing more specific adjustments.
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As we integrate e_enhance into our suite of tools, please take note of a few items:

  • Beta phase. e_enhance is currently in beta. User feedback is, as always, appreciated.
  • Transformation chain order. e_enhance must be the first step in any transformation chain to function correctly.
  • Compatibility. When used alongside e_gen_restore, a two-step process might be necessary due to similar chain order constraints.
  • Transformation count. Implementing e_enhance affects the particular transformation count, a factor to consider for comprehensive image processing.

For detailed guidance and examples, our documentation offers insights and best practices on leveraging e_enhance effectively.

Cloudinary’s e_enhance feature is a massive step in developer-focused image enhancement technology. By leveraging AI, it offers developers and content creators a streamlined, effective solution for improving image quality at scale. This tool not only automates the enhancement of images but also ensures that images meet the high-quality standards required in today’s digital age. Whether enhancing user-generated content or refining professional photography, e_enhance is a testament to Cloudinary’s commitment to empowering developers with the tools they need to succeed with AI. Embrace the power of Cloudinary’s e_enhance and transform your image enhancement workflow today.

If you found this blog post helpful and want to discuss it in more detail, head over to Cloudinary Community forum and its associated Discord.

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