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Salling Group Gains Value and High-Volume Efficiency By Modernizing with Cloudinary

In low-margin and high-volume retailing, every penny counts, especially when a portion of profits goes to charitable causes. That’s the case for Salling Group, Denmark’s largest retailer and owner of popular discount supermarket chains Netto, Bilka, and Føtex. With more than 60,000 employees and serving 11 million customers every week, everything about this dynamic operation calls for an IT architecture and software that’s open, flexible, and a “match fit.” 

When Salling Group set out to replace its legacy system and consolidate media management, Cloudinary answered that call and is turning out to be a best buy.  

Running non-stop offers and promotions, Salling Group needs to be able to manage digital assets for its brands on a large scale – fast and efficiently. And with short lead times required to stay competitive, automation is essential. 

Morten Thuesen, Solution Architect at Salling Group, explains, “Every week we produce a 100-page booklet with offers only valid that week. The next week we produce another, for all our brands, so the marketing and promotion-based part of our turnover is actually extremely high.”

For many years Salling Group had been using proprietary technology to manage its vast store of digital assets. However, over time their ongoing customizations began to slow down media production and time to market.

When it came time to modernize, Salling Group chose Cloudinary, whose functional match was a perfect fit. And, crucially, Cloudinary provides “one-stop-shopping” for high-volume visual media management.

“We adopted Cloudinary primarily to modernize all our DAM and PIM efforts to create one central, easy-to-use, cross-Group product content service. I’m pleased to say we have experienced a significant saving in TCO for the whole application area,” explains Thuesen.

The migration to Cloudinary has transformed Salling Group’s digital asset management, making Salling Group more nimble and agile. The flawless go-live process was a testament to Cloudinary’s exceptional support and customer success teams.

Claus Gosmer, Enterprise Architect at Salling Group, says, “The Cloudinary part of us transitioning off our previous DAM was actually very straightforward, and we spent a lot more time on re-engineering the PIM.”

The Cloudinary customer success team’s engagement and support have been invaluable for Salling Group. “The level of support and the engagement from the Cloudinary customer success team proves they really are listening to us. In fact, they are really good ambassadors for the vendor, as they make sure that our needs are always prioritized. It’s never just passing on a support ticket, but true help,” adds Gosmer.

Salling Group plans to explore more advanced features with Cloudinary, such as 3D, spin sets, and advanced transformations. With the success of their partnership so far, Thuesen concludes, “We’ll gladly walk the road with Cloudinary.”

Read the full case study to learn more.

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