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Akeneo is a global leader in product experience management (PXM) solutions.

Akeneo + Cloudinary

The Cloudinary-Akeneo PIM integration provides a solution for connecting your Cloudinary rich media assets to your products in Akeneo. The Cloudinary connector seamlessly connects Akeneo with the Cloudinary Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. Such a move opens up an array of additional functionalities and features, from centrally storing and managing files to automation and optimization of digital assets.

Designed for seamless integrations. There are three ways in which you can connect Akeneo to Cloudinary.

  • Individual asset links to Akeneo. With Cloudinary’s Akeneo app for DAM, you can manage your products’ media assets through Cloudinary DAM and link them with the relevant products in Akeneo.
  • Bulk asset links to Akeneo. You can conveniently link assets in bulk to Akeneo with Cloudinary APIs and tags.
  • The Media Library’s Chrome extension. Manage media assets with Cloudinary DAM and link to them from Akeneo.

You can also take advantage of Cloudinary’s advanced media-management (Cloudinary DAM) features to manage your product media before linking it with Akeneo.

  • Efficient and rapid upload
  • AI-based content analysis
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Full control of metadata
  • Advanced search
  • Folders and collections for access control and collaboration
  • Dynamic transformations of imagery and video
  • Extensible APIs for integrating with existing workflows


Akeneo is a global leader in product experience management (PXM) solutions that help merchants and brands deliver a compelling customer experience across all sales channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, and retail points of sale. Akeneo’s open source enterprise PIM and product data intelligence solutions dramatically improve product data quality and accuracy, while simplifying and accelerating product catalog management.


North America, Europe, APAC, Japan & India, South America, Middle East

Preview of linked media

Akeneo practitioners can conveniently view Cloudinary-stored media in Akeneo Asset Manager that’s directly linked to a product.

Linking of assets in bulk

With the Cloudinary Upload API and custom-built SDKs, you can programmatically link your assets to the products in bulk through asset tags, saving time and effort.

Extension of management capabilities

You can take advantage of the creative media optimization and transformation capabilities when linking assets stored in Cloudinary DAM to product data managed in Akeneo.


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