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Cloudinary Jamstack Hackathon Announcement

The rise in performance, decoupling, and security requirements of web-based software led to the rapid adoption of the Jamstack. With this rapid adoption came the need to support all aspects of the architecture, including technical content.

The Hackmamba Jamstack Content Hackathon was born with the need to support individuals and community members in starting or improving their technical writing skills.

Last year, Hackmamba partnered with Auth0 and Cloudinary to provide participants of the pilot event the opportunity to participate in a hackathon with a twist. The twist is the requirement to build a Jamstack application or feature, write a blog post using Cloudinary and Auth0 technologies, and publish it on a public platform.

In addition to the hackathon, Hackmamba coordinated workshops with both Auth0 and Cloudinary to help participants learn new skills helping them to write the technical content in addition to the tools needed to participate.

As with most pilot programs, we decided to limit participation in the program to 200 participants and 50 blog posts were created!

With more practice, consistency, and armed with the knowledge and experience from the event, participants went on to become prolific technical writers working at reputable organizations. Why should the result of Hackathons be an abandoned side project, when it can be content for your portfolio?

Continuing on from the success of the pilot, this year we’re going bigger and accepting more participants.

In partnership with Cloudinary, Xata, Netlify, and Uniform, Hackmamba is delighted to announce the Jamstack Content Hackathon 2.0. The event kicks off on the 20th of October 2022 with a series of workshops centered on creating technical blog posts, building optimized Jamstack products, and staying consistent at writing technical content.

The Hackathon will kick off on the 20th of October with 2-day workshop sessions by Senior Developer Advocates and Technical writers from Cloudinary, Xata, and Uniform.

Hacking starts at the end of the workshops on the 21st, and participants in their various groups can start building Jamstack products and features using Cloudinary and Xata. Hackmamba will share more details before the Hackathon.

Register to participate! As a registered participant, you’re eligible to win prizes and get your content featured.

To get started, participants can employ some of the following Cloudinary integrations in the Hackathon:

On completion of the Hackathon, Hackmamba will review content created by participants. The content team at Hackmamba will also provide feedback and reward the winning content writers with $1000, $800, and $500 in first, second, and third place, respectively.

The following 50 participants who create content matching set conditions will receive $100 individually.

Several other rewards are up for grabs in the Hackathon, including tickets to the Jamstack Conference in San Francisco (powered by Netlify) and swag items from GitHub and Netlify.

All workshops will be streamed on the Hackmamba Youtube Channel. Sign up to get notified of upcoming sessions.

Want to get involved? Register for the Hackathon and we look forward to you learning, building, writing and most importantly, having a ton of fun!

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