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Crocs Selects Cloudinary to Deliver Engaging Visual-first Customer Experiences Online

Crocs Selects Cloudinary to Deliver Engaging Visual-first Customer Experiences Online

US consumers spent $211.5 billion during the second quarter of 2020 on e-commerce, up 31.8% quarter over quarter. Meanwhile, McKinsey found there were as many e-commerce deliveries made over the course of eight weeks in 2020 as there had been in the past decade.

It’s no wonder retail and e-commerce companies understand it essential to provide shoppers with a truly immersive and engaging online experience. And visuals—delivered quickly and flawlessly—are at the heart of this experience. From homepage to checkout.

Crocs, a world leader in innovative casual footwear, is no exception. Committed to ensuring the best online customer experience, Crocs turned to Cloudinary to simplify its image management processes and deliver an engaging visual-first customer experience.

As a digital-native business, it was very important to Crocs that its online customers view products and engage with marketing campaigns without having to wait on slow loading web pages. This meant visuals needed to be delivered quickly and flawlessly, no matter where or how their customers were browsing the site.

Using Cloudinary’s Media Experience Platform, Crocs’ development team can now create an efficient, consistent brand experience with media assets that can be cropped, resized, transcoded, filtered or optimized for any use case in near real time. This new level of automation will not only save the Crocs development team a great deal of time, but allow them to continue delivering the high-quality experience that consumers expect from Crocs.

Crocs joins a long list of leading retail and e-commerce customers using Cloudinary for media management including Everlane, Babolat, Bombas, Neiman Marcus, Under Armour, and Reformation.

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