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Elevating E-commerce: Automation Ensures Branded Videos Perform and Deliver ROI

Leading retailers and CPG brands spend hefty marketing dollars on creating online videos. But what good are all those spent video dollars if no one sees the content?  

To protect an e-commerce video investment, digital teams can leverage AI to ensure videos run optimally. The automation enables teams to quickly stand up and test the content on product display pages, social media channels, and wherever else they’re reaching consumers digitally. Optimized videos increase performance, move products, and drive revenue. 

A lot of work goes into producing short-form product videos or long-form, branded “how-to” videos. Here’s how Cloudinary transforms and delivers videos for e-commerce.

An independent survey commissioned by Cloudinary, which included nearly 3,000 consumers across Australia, Germany, the UK, and the US, found:

  • Roughly six in 10 consumers prefer to research and buy products online compared to the traditional in-store shopping experience. 
  • A quarter of the respondents said branded videos are a “must-have” in the digital experience.

In a different video marketing survey, more than 80% of consumers said they have been convinced to buy a product from a video. 

Producing a video is only one part of the equation.E-commerce retailers and brands often overlook the steps required to properly implement video into their sites and mobile apps. 

Cloudinary’s automation enhances the video’s performance across various stages, including helping e-commerce retailers when it comes to: 

  • Managing the files. Automation can save digital teams hours by instantly tagging video files and adding metadata and required documentation for storage into Cloudinary’s headless DAM
  • Transforming videos for best playback. Videos can look different depending on what device they’re playing on.Automation crops videos so the primary content is always centered on screen – essential for longer videos, Cloudinary’s AI also automatically edit a video into a teaser length to drive viewers to the full video. 
  • Adding overlays. Editing in brand logos and descriptive text and inserting clickable links into videos is another tine-consuming process. Cloudinary’s platform offers an automated overlay function to manage this task.
  • Optimizing video performance. Cloudinary optimizes videos through AI, resizing video dimensions, adjusting for format and quality, adding in an adaptive bitrate streaming capability, and ensuring videos don’t slow down page speeds and performance. 

Cloudinary’s automation functions manage videos on the back end, ensuring delivery on any device without hurting a site’s performance.While Cloudinary doesn’t produce video, the platform offers capabilities to take static photographs and add movement.

Apparel and footwear brand Puma recognized Cloudinary for its image-to-video functionality, where multiple photos were enhanced by automated “zoompan” and motion effects to present a dynamic visual. Cloudinary’s AI functions automatically add animation to still photos and speed up or slow down objects in an image to give them dimension. 

The features provide e-commerce companies with an alternative to a full-scale branded video, which can be costly. 

Cloudinary offers online brands and e-commerce retailers a complete video solution. Brands can leverage tools to turn static photos into video-like experiences,produce videos, and rely on Cloudinary’s automated features to ensure videos run optimally on any device, anywhere, anytime.

To learn more about how Cloudinary can elevate the digital experience for online brands and e-commerce, schedule a demo.

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