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Introducing the Cloudinary-SAP Commerce Cloud Extension

By Prajanma Singh
Cloudinary Introduces Integration With SAP Commerce Cloud

We’re excited to announce Cloudinary’s integration with SAP Commerce Cloud, through which the latter’s customers can significantly boost the visual media experience on their website or app.

SAP Commerce Cloud powers some of the largest e-commerce sites (B2C, B2B, and B2B2C businesses), complete with building blocks like storefront design and order management. Reinforced with Cloudinary’s laser-sharp focus on optimizing, managing, and delivering images and videos, the new extension will enable SAP Commerce Cloud customers to create unique and engaging visual experiences effortlessly.

Below are the key tasks you can perform with the extension.

Drive Conversions With an Immersive Product Gallery

With this extension, you can build an optimized product gallery with modern media features like 360 spin sets. Furthermore, Cloudinary’s video capabilities enable you to easily add and deliver fast-loading videos on your website or app including product and category pages.

Save Time With Programmatic Image and Video Transformations

The SAP site admins can programmatically optimize images and videos with auto-format and quality parameters to ensure that those media assets load fast with no quality loss. In addition, applying Cloudinary’s advanced transformation capabilities and responsive design for the entire product catalog takes only a few minutes.

Eliminate Workflow Silos With a Single Source of Truth With Cloudinary DAM

Through Cloudinary’s digital asset management (DAM) solution, you can store and manage your media assets in one single location for access and update by all your teams. Besides, you can seamlessly synchronize and add images and videos from content and product catalogs to the Cloudinary Media Library and automatically adapt them—with content-aware AI—to fit the store design and viewing context.

Deliver Fast, High-Quality Web Experience With Content Delivery Networks

Cloudinary’s multi-CDN connectivity through Akamai, Fastly, and CloudFront offers the most efficient network for delivery worldwide, including China. However, if you prefer, you can continue to use your current CDN for delivery.

Engage With Customers Through Video

Cloudinary simplifies your video workflow, from uploading raw videos at high resolution to dynamically converting them to web-friendly formats. Moreover, the custom-built Cloudinary Video Player is optimized for smooth streaming on all devices at any bandwidth.

Get Started Fast Out of the Box

Conveniently, if you’re already logged in to Cloudinary, you can access our platform within SAP Commerce Cloud with no need for a separate login. Another big plus is that the extension is compatible with Spartacus, SAP’s client-side storefront that decouples from the SAP Commerce Cloud core, resulting in simpler upgrades. All that saves development time and resources with much reduced custom code. The extension is also compatible with SAP’s SmartEdit, which enables content managers to easily create and manage website content.

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