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Cutting-Edge Image Optimization Innovations: JPEG XL and AI-Powered Automatic Image Quality

At Cloudinary, we’re at the forefront of cutting-edge image and video optimization. As the experts on image quality and innovation, we’re ensuring our customers’ e-commerce sites and mobile experiences deliver the highest quality images, at the lowest bandwidth, as fast as possible.

Reflecting this commitment, we’re announcing the rollout of two trailblazing image optimization improvements: JPEG XL image format for end users on all Apple devices — now our customers can provide JPEG XL to their customers using Apple devices on iOS 17, macOS Sonoma, and Safari browser — along with the release of our next-generation Automatic Image Quality (aka: q_auto) capability, which is now powered by AI.

The JPEG XL format is the future of visual execution and is available on Cloudinary’s Image and Video Platform

Cloudinary computer scientist and senior image researcher, Dr. Jon Sneyers, co-authored the enhanced image format along with Google. Recently, Apple announced during its Worldwide Developer Conference that it is supporting JPEG XL on all of its iOS 17 devices, including macOS Sonoma and Safari browsers. 

Compared to the original JPEG format and the AVIF format, JPEG XL delivers sharper-looking images with advanced benefits:

  • Significant file size reduction while preserving high quality strikes critical balance of performance and quality.
  • Faster encoding/decoding (compared to AVIF) for increased performance.
  • Progressive decoding (advantage over AVIF) to satisfy impatient web and mobile app visitors while providing a smoother experience.
  • Existing JPEG images can be converted to JPEG XL with no generation loss. No other new image format can do this. JPEG XL files are 20% smaller and can be converted back to the exact same JPEG file.

With JPEG XL, Cloudinary customers now have access to a superior image format, which means a more effective use of bandwidth and storage and a better user experience when browsing the web.

Cloudinary is also releasing an AI powered version of its Automatic Image Quality capability, (aka: q_auto) providing users with greater consistency and accuracy to deliver their desired image quality levels.

This AI-powered version has been trained on actual human perception of quality. Cloudinary customers are assured the quality is no more and no less than what is required to satisfy their customers while keeping bandwidth within their target range.

Cloudinary has been on the forefront of powering lightning fast websites from its inception and continues to deliver faster optimization. This latest AI-powered version of Automatic Quality further improves web performance beyond our previous version, which was already leading the industry, by reducing the average corpus/image size without negatively impacting quality.

With the larger activation of JPEG XL on Apple devices and the launch of AI-powered  Automatic Image Quality, Cloudinary maintains its position as a frontrunner in advanced online image and video optimization.

To work with a platform that’s not just ahead of the trend but helped shape it, set up a free demo here.

To activate these features, reach out to your account manager today.

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