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Cloudinary Video Survey Reveals Top 3 Challenges to Delivering Video-Rich Experiences at Scale

The results of a recent independent survey commissioned by Cloudinary reveal that many brands struggle to deliver video at the scale needed to connect with today’s video-loving audiences. With 78% of respondents acknowledging the importance of video in building trust and confidence, 65% leveraging it to boost market awareness, and 54% recognizing video’s impact on driving purchases, brands clearly see value in prioritizing video in their digital strategies. But, most survey respondents seem to face the same three challenges to implementing a successful video strategy at scale:

  1. Significant hurdles to publication

The survey shows that brands encounter more bottlenecks in creating video variants for different channels and devices (58%) than in producing original videos (46%). And 24% of respondents noted that they face prolonged delays in video publishing, with only 49% saying that they’re able to publish videos in less than an hour.

  1. Inefficient dev and creative team collaboration

Effective collaboration between creative and development teams is crucial for accelerating time-to-market and ensuring seamless video delivery. But most brands flagged major inefficiencies in their post-production processes, negatively impacting their ability to collaborate effectively. Respondents noted their top creative process challenges as:

  • Managing requests and feedback (46%)
  • Lack of knowledge of technical best practices (33%)
  • Visibility into developer timelines (31%)
  1. Varying formats & asset quality from creative partners

Brands grappling with video assets from creative partners encounter hurdles such as supporting multiple file formats (45%), obtaining web/mobile optimized files (41%), and facing delays in asset delivery (38%). According to the survey, there’s a growing need for specialized tools that help manage these partnerships more efficiently and offer greater control, customization, and optimization of video content.

View this infographic for more survey results.

Download the Guide to Scale Video Experiences

Despite these challenges, a whopping 81% of respondents expressed a strong likelihood of increasing video integration across their websites and mobile apps in the future.To realize this goal, brands must implement video technologies that empower them to increase efficiency at scale.

I can’t emphasize enough the transformative potential of AI-powered tools in simplifying video workflows. By automating tasks like tagging, editing, and optimizing video content, brands can enhance efficiency and allow their teams to focus on strategic initiatives like design, branding, and content moderation.

To learn more about how Cloudinary’s image and video API platform can deliver a profitable video-rich experience that scales, contact us for a free demo.

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