Deliver high quality video content to your users, wherever and whenever, and scale with ease to support playback on various device types without building costly infrastructure.

Live Video Transcoding

Optimized streaming video delivery

Cloudinary enables developers and businesses to transcode and deliver video content to any user on any device, effortlessly.

With simple integration, you can upload, transcode and manipulate videos, optimize playback with fine-grained control over codecs and bitrate and deliver them via a global Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Upload images from any source

Using Cloudinary's comprehensive API and easy to use manipulation URLs, videos can be dynamically converted to all relevant formats suitable for web viewing, optimized for web browsers and mobile devices, normalized and manipulated, on the fly, to fit the graphic design on any device.

Video Conversion & Resizing

Upload and manage your videos in the cloud
Convert and encode videos for delivery on any device

With Cloudinary, video transcoding can be done by simply specifying the required output format as the file extension of the delivery URL.

Input formats: MP4, WebM, FLV, MOV, OGV, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, MPEG, MKV and AVI.
Output formats: MP4, OGV, WebM, MOV, FLV.

Videos can be converted to audio-only streams, such as MP3, OGG and WAV files.

Video resizing and cropping
Resize and crop videos for responsive design

Eliminate stretching or shrinking videos when adapting them for different screen dimensions.

Cloudinary supports automatic resizing, cropping and adaptation to fit the graphic design and layout on any device, at any resolution -- using powerful URL based transformations.

Dynamic Video Manipulation

Applyin efects and filters
Apply effects and filters

Apply effects and manipulate videos to change the playback speed, remove small shifts with de-shake, fade in or fade out, control the contrast and brightness, balance the saturation, adjust the volume, concatenate videos and more -- using URL based transformations.

Create video thumbnails

Easily create video thumbnails by selecting the image format or specify the video frame within an uploaded video for creating the poster image. Once generated, the image can be resized, cropped and enhanced to suit the viewing requirements.

Video conversion, resizing and manipulation
Video conversion, resizing and manipulation
Add captions and overlays

Easily add subtitles or closed captioning to translate the audio portion into another language or provide additional, interpretive information to viewers.

Add video and image overlays or text captions and control the dimension, position and timing of the overlays with simple parameters.

Other Manipulations include video trimming, concatenating, rotating, rounding corners and more.

Video Encoding Settings

Adjusting video properties
  • Adjust Video Properties

    Adjust different properties of videos using simple on-the-fly manipulations:

    Quality: Reduce the file size without any noticeable degradation of visual quality by adjusting the video quality.

    Bitrate: Adjust the video bitrate to match the quality and file size with the average connection speed of viewers, for an uninterrupted playback experience.

    Codec: Automatically normalize and optimize videos by controlling the video codec, video profile and level to use.

    Supported codecs: H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9, VP6, Theora.

Adjust Audio Properties

Manipulate the audio portion of the video by controlling the sampling frequency, changing the codec settings and adjusting the volume, to name a few.

Video Streaming & Delivery

Once transcoded and optimized for delivery, videos can be easily embedded to any website using HTML5 video tags (or Flash) and made available for streaming via a worldwide CDN.

Transcoding video streaming
Video streaming

Deliver high-quality video and audio streams that play back seamlessly for audiences anywhere, on any device.

Content can be accessed from anywhere on the web using HTTP or HTTPS URLs, which can then be streamed to users via a fast, worldwide CDN.

Image CDN delivery
Global CDN delivery

All videos are delivered lightning fast from a worldwide Content Delivery Network.

Cloudinary leverages multiple CDNs, including Akamai, the leading CDN provider, with thousands of world-wide edges.

Transcoding adaptive streaming
Adaptive bitrate streaming

Adaptive streaming offers better user experience by adjusting to network conditions and CPU utilization, automatically switching to higher or lower quality streams.

Cloudinary automatically generates multiple streams of a video - with different resolutions, qualities, and bitrates - from the original video, and the index file that describes these segments.

During playback, Cloudinary enables the player to determine and select the optimal representation in response to the client environment, such as screen resolution or player size, and automatically switches between representations to adapt to changing network connections.

Adaptive Formats: HTTP Live Streaming - HLS, MPEG-DASH.

Learn more about HLS

SDKS for embedding videos

Add videos to the web application and easily embed HTML5 video tags with any video source or setting using Cloudinary SDKs, to deliver the content in a compatible format.

<%= cl_video_tag("dog.mp4", :width => 300, :height => 200, :crop => "crop") %>
<?php echo cl_video_tag("dog.mp4", 
              array("width"=>300, "height"=>200, "crop"=>"crop"))"dog.mp4", {width: 300, height: 200, crop: "crop"})
CloudinaryVideo("dog.mp4").video(width=300, height=200, crop="crop")
$"dog.mp4", {width: 300, height: 200, crop: "crop"})
  new Transformation().width(300).height(200).crop("crop")).videoTag("dog.mp4")
  new Transformation().Width(300).Height(200).Crop("crop")).BuildVideoTag("dog.mp4")
  new Transformation().width(300).height(200).crop("crop")).videoTag("dog.mp4")

Video Management Beyond Transcoding

Secure image hosting service
  • Upload

    Easily upload videos to the cloud and automatically perform smart video manipulations without installing any complex software. Cloudinary provides a secure and comprehensive API for easily uploading videos from server-side code, directly from the browser or from a mobile app and upload presets to centrally control the video upload options.

  • Storage

    Leverage Cloudinary's internal storage mechanism or continue using your existing storage solution by retrieving and accessing videos from the original location - with revision tracking and automatic backup.

  • Administration

    Sift through the video library with a powerful browse/search capability and get insights on video delivery with usage reports including popular transformations and errors, in-depth analytics and actionable insights on performance improvements.