Automatic Video Transcoding

Video formats significantly affect the start time and streaming experience, but manually determining the optimal format and encoder settings for every video can be time-consuming. Cloudinary dynamically determines, transcodes, and delivers every video in the most efficient format and codec based on the viewing device and browser, without having to manually pre-create all the variants.

Input formats: MP4, WebM, FLV, MOV, OGV, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, MPEG, FLV, MKV, and AVI.

Output formats: MP4, OGV, WebM, MOV, FLV, M3U8 (HLS), MPD (MPEG-DASH).

Convert videos to audio files by stipulating one of three file formats: MP3, OGG, or WAV.

Automatically Fit Videos to Any Resolution

Leverage AI to dynamically create multiple variants of every video in different aspect ratios, including vertical and square videos, for mobile, social, and other channels. Cloudinary’s content-aware cropping identifies the most important content in a video through advanced AI and machine-learning techniques to automatically crop and adapt the content.

Apply Effects and Filters

Enhance videos by adjusting the contrast level, brightness, or saturation, regulating the gamma level, and applying artistic filters and effects with simple parameters.

Easily adjust the video volume, change the playback speed, remove small motion shifts, control the looping, and adjust the audio properties.

Create Video Thumbnails

Easily create thumbnail images for videos by specifying the frame from an uploaded video or automatically grabbing the video’s middle frame by specifying the required image format.

Additionally, resize, crop, and enhance thumbnails to match your graphic design and layout.

Video Settings


Dynamically adjust the video quality to reduce the file size without any degradation in quality.


Adjust and optimize the video bitrate according to the video content, conserving bandwidth and storage space.


Automatically control the codec, profile, and level to normalize and optimize videos.

Deliver an Adaptive Streaming Experience Across all Devices

Start videos faster with fewer buffering interruptions and with the best-possible quality. Effortlessly leverage adaptive bitrate streaming to adjust the quality of video stream in real time according to detected bandwidth and CPU capacity.

If you set HLS or MPEG-DASH as the output format, Cloudinary automatically generates multiple streams of your video with different resolutions, qualities, bitrates, and all the files required for switching between different variants.

During playback, the video player determines and selects the optimal representation in response to the client environment and automatically switches between representations to adapt to changing network connections.