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Bizzabo Delivers High-End Virtual Events With Cloudinary

While facing the pandemic-induced setbacks to its live-events business in the past two years, our customer and event innovator Bizzabo decided to reshape its offering into a digital-first Event Experience OS that fosters human connections and generates excitement. Toward that end, Bizzabo turned to Cloudinary for support of high-performance, visual events for large audiences to replace or augment live shows.

As explained by Bizzabo’s product lead, Eidan Apelbaum, “When Covid struck, we built tools with Cloudinary to enhance our platform to deliver scalable video and images for the virtual world—and, increasingly, for the hybrid one, too.”

Cloudinary facilitates Bizzabo in three areas:

  • Virtual events: With Cloudinary’s capabilities that make it easy to manage and optimize visuals like overlays, branding, and backgrounds, Bizzabo’s clients can efficiently build engaging, compelling sessions.
  • Simulive (simulated+live) episodes: Through Cloudinary, Bizzabo’s customers can create content in this increasingly popular prerecorded format in advance, store that content, transform it, and optimize it for various viewing platforms.
  • Video on demand (VOD): Cloudinary stores this recorded content in superbly architected virtual libraries that are accessible to Bizzabo customers for search and retrieval.

With more than 85,000 Bizzabo events now having taken place in 100+ countries, Cloudinary has played a key part in the company’s successful transformation. Since March 2020, Bizzabo has seen a 500% increase in event attendance, doubling of revenue, and more VC and third-party investments.

“Performance is hugely important to us, especially in the world of video. Delivering high-quality footage to large audiences with thousands of attendees at any given time while accommodating numerous applications, devices, and varying Internet connections is a tremendous challenge. Cloudinary has been central to us meeting it,” Eidan concluded.

Here’s the full case study.

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