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Enhancing Composable Commerce: Cloudinary Integrates With commercetools

commercetools has been called a “leader” in headless commerce by IDC Marketscape, been named a “leader” within Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce report for three years running, and is the only platform of its kind to be MACH certified. You could say, composable commerce is commercetools, and now Cloudinary is making an integration with commercetools available by early May 2023.

The integration is an exciting one for both commercetools and Cloudinary. Both companies run on MACH principles and have combined their strengths to give brands who deploy commercetools (and those looking to adopt the leading composable commerce platform) access to a robust centralized hub for their visual media to deploy across every digital customer touchpoint. 

The partnership also gives brands access to capabilities to create and deliver highly immersive visual experiences that convert browsers into buyers, will improve their ROI, and overall cost of ownership. 

Three key benefits of Cloudinary’s new integration with commercetools:

Integrating Cloudinary into commercetools provides a centralized visual media hub to store all images and videos, creating a single source of truth that extends across the entire composable commerce tech stack. 

With the integration, brand merchandisers and content managers can orchestrate their entire visual media workflow with confidence.

How it works:

  • Add images and video to Cloudinary, which acts as the media layer in the MACH architecture. 
  • Using Cloudinary’s metadata capabilities, curate and assign these media assets to products and their variants in commercetools. 
  • The commercetools product catalog can then be updated with the necessary media asset data through the official Cloudinary integration, creating a single source of truth for product images and video assets. 
  • Leverage Cloudinary’s frontend components for popular frameworks such as react and vue.js to compose a high-performance visual storefront experience across multiple channels.
  • Other Cloudinary integrations follow a similar process for media management.

According to Google, a page that takes just a second or two to load can increase bounce rates by up to 40%. The commercetools and Cloudinary integration ensures that load time is never an issue. Companies leveraging Cloudinary with commercetools will see image and video files automated, optimized, and compressed through a proprietary algorithm that ensures the highest level of visual fidelity. 

Why does that matter? Because consumers demand immersive and engaging online shopping experiences. They expect to find product galleries that display items  in 3D and 360° spins. They enjoy AR powered experiences and product customizations to see different color or style variants of the products.

The new Cloudinary integration enables: 

  • AI-optimized images and video that instantly perform on any browser, format, and device and can be easily dropped on any PLP and PDP using Cloudinary’s prebuilt UI components
  • Modern, low-code product galleries out of the box with images, videos, and support for 360° views and in 3D.
  • Customized and advanced experiences like shoppable videos, AR, and visual search for deeper engagement using Cloudinary cookbooks

AI-powered visual media helps brands vastly improve their total cost of ownership and overall ROI. 

According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact report on Cloudinary, companies that use Cloudinary’s workflow efficiencies experience a 203% ROI after just three years, and e-commerce brands that have used Cloudinary’s workflow features have saved a total of 1,275 hours.  

By leveraging Cloudinary’s AI-powered capabilities, brands can automate the manual creative tasks necessary to get images and videos ready for the desired experience—tasks that previously created bottlenecks in the workflow. Developers, marketers, and designers can now focus on the experience and the content and let Cloudinary handle tasks like:

  • Image and video transformations
  • Image upscaling
  • Background noise and drop shadow removal

Cloudinary is built to work with commercetools, adding a visual media layer inside a composable tech stack that is designed to take e-commerce brands to the next level.

For brands looking to add commercetools and/or move away from a monolithic solutions, they can shift to a future-proof composable architecture faster with Cloudinary’s new integration.   

“We’re confident that our customers will find tremendous benefit in having a single source of truth for all the visual media assets they deploy across their composable stack,” said Blaine Trainor, SVP of Global Partnerships at commercetools. “Leveraging Cloudinary’s AI-enabled media management capabilities and automated workflows, our users will be able to quickly deploy the rich media and immersive experiences that appeal to the modern shopper.”

By leveraging commercetools and Cloudinary, e-commerce businesses become more agile, more visually relevant, and more cost-efficient. Contact Cloudinary to learn more.

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