Technology Partner automatically generates accurate alt text using advanced AI and computer vision. + Cloudinary

The Cloudinary – integration fully automates the generation of alt text for all your uploaded images. Once it is configured, every image you upload to Cloudinary will automatically have alt text generated by

To set up your integration, just follow these steps:

  • Login to your account (you can sign up for a free trial if you do not have an account).
  • Go to you Account: Integration Settings tab.
  • Enter your Cloudinary cloud and api key details.
  • Set up a Cloudinary webhook notication so is notified each time you add a new image.

Overview is the #1 alt text generation service. We use the latest AI and computer vision to generate accurate, SEO optimized alt text for images across a multitude of platforms. We offer integrations for WordPress, Shopify, Google Chrome, Contentful, and many other platforms via our developer API and website. can intelligently use your SEO keywords as well as ecommerce product data to create optimized, natural-sounding alt text descriptions as if they were written by a human.

Alt text is essential for optimizing your website for search engines, as well as meeting accessibility standards. can automate your alt text workflow making it something that “”just works”” every time.

Setting up Cloudinary +

Simple setup steps to connect your Cloudinary account to

Automatic alt text from

When you upload a new image, automatically populates the alt text field in Cloudinary.

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