Technology Partner is a drag and drop visual experience builder that works with any existing site, app, CMS and e-commerce store. + Cloudinary enables its customers to leverage the power of the Cloudinary platform by installing the Cloudinary plug-in in customers’ space.

Overview provides a content platform for businesses to build and optimize their websites, apps, social commerce, and other digital experiences. It seamlessly integrates with any existing site, app, CMS, ecommerce store, custom backend, etc., and is completely modular. can function as:

  • Your headless CMS, powering all of your experiences
  • Your landing page builder, allowing you to add custom page to your current storefront
  • Your optimization layer, with built-in A/B testing, heatmaps, and analytics
  • Your data layer’s powerful drag and drop visual editor is what sets us apart from the alternatives. It allows business teams (marketing, product, growth, etc.) to move faster and drive growth. It also removes the dependency on developers for site/app updates, increasing agility and business effectiveness.

The company’s API-first approach enables customers to deliver blazing-fast digital experiences on all of their channels.’s customers include Everlane, ShopStyle, AfterPay, VistaPrint, Alo Yoga, and Chubbies.


North America, Europe, APAC, Japan & India, South America

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