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Comestri is a powerful PIM, Channel Manager and OMS platform that makes your products easily discoverable, simple to sell across multiple channels and able to fulfil from anywhere.

Comestri + Cloudinary

Comestri and Cloudinary as one solution makes for a powerful symbiosis of technology that can take your ecomerce operation to new heights.

With Comestri:

  • Product data can be enriched and distributed based on the requirements of each unique channel.
  • We can bring in images of all shapes and sizes based on Cloudinary image manipulation services directly into the PIM and distribute direct to channels both ecommerce and marketplaces collectively)


Comestri is a powerful PIM, Channel Manager and OMS platform that helps consolidate product data, synchronize inventory and optimize fulfillment processes.

Comestri is an eCommerce SaaS platform enabling integration between physical retail and digital commerce.

Retailers can:

  • PIM – Enrich product information & aggregate inventory/pricing to tailor a product experience for each channel
  • Channel Manager – Connect to 40+ channels via pre-built integrations including; ecommerce webstores, marketplaces, marketing & social.
  • OMS/DOM – Manage ATS inventory, fulfil & ship orders, cross border, enable click & collect, ship from store & in-store returns

Partner’s services include:

  • Implementation and quality assurance services for the implementation of Comestri


Europe, APAC, Japan & India

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