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Conscia is an API-First Personalization and Experience Orchestration Engine for Composable DX Technology Stacks.

Conscia + Cloudinary

Conscia offers Marketing teams an intuitive interface, Experience Studio, to manage personalized experiences driven by images and videos stored in the Cloudinary cloud. The experience can be personalized based on the customer’s real-time intent and signals such as location, device, time of day, as well as traits such as product or content affinities computed from historical interaction data.

Cloudinary offers powerful APIs that not only deliver media to the front-end at amazing speed and scale, but also allows manipulation and transformation of images and videos in real-time. Most personalization platforms are unable to take advantage of this capability of Cloudinary. This is because they have to copy images and videos from Cloudinary into their own content hubs for the purpose of personalization and then serve these images from their own cloud infrastructure. Conscia requires no lifting or shifting of media content and accesses this content via Cloudinary APIs in real-time.

Marketing teams can manage the following types of reusable Experience Components in Experience Studio:

  • A hand selected set of images or videos with transformations applied to them
  • A dynamic list of images or videos based on a filter criteria applied against image metadata

For each type of component, you can specify a set of optimizations and transformations that should be applied in a given context.


Conscia is an API-First Personalization and Experience Orchestration Engine for Composable DX Technology Stacks.

With the shift towards headless and composable architectures, Marketers lost the ability to orchestrate experiences, and the logic of who sees what content when, and where, fell into the hands of the developer. Conscia puts Marketers back in control to curate personalized digital experiences while giving organizations the freedom to assemble a composable, future-proof DX architecture.

Conscia’s DX Engine is truly headless and offers centralized control over the experience for all channels, not just the web. This creates consistency across the customer journey and allows Marketing teams to reuse experience components across channels.

Unlike other personalization engines that pull content out of backend systems into their own content hubs, Conscia accesses content from CMSs, Commerce Engines, DAMs, and other backend platforms via real-time APIs, thereby exposing the full extent of capabilities offered by our technology partners.

Conscia’s DX Engine sits on the Edge and evaluates experience logic configured by Marketing teams in real-time. This allows for an unprecedented speed and scale while offering 1:1 personalization and truly dynamic experiences.

Create Personalized Experiences with Cloudinary and Conscia

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