Real-time insights the whole team can use to improve the digital experience, increase customer happiness and drive growth.

Contentsquare + Cloudinary

Contentsquare unlocks the power to know —with near certainty—what your customers want and need as they engage with your business online. Our digital experience analytics platform turns insights into actions, empowering you to deliver more human experiences online.

Contentsquare is a single platform that enables brands to understand customers’ unique behaviors, impressions and intent across the entire customer lifecycle so they can deliver more human digital experiences.

Key benefits:
– See exactly why customers engage or abandon, and prioritize based on impact, to increase conversions and CSAT.
– Uncover obstacles resulting from technical issues, UX friction, or poor performance.
– Intelligently identify biggest opportunities for business impact.
– Visualize and quantify user struggles and prioritize decisions.

Contentsquare Overview

Gain insights into user behavior across the site experience: benefit from Contentsquare’s ability to measure hovering scrolling, clicks, and mouse movements to know where customers hesitate, struggle and get excited.

  • Analyze image and video impact to uncover the impact that your videos and images have on engagement, conversion, and site metrics.
  • Understand how video metrics like play time, skip, buffering, muting impact customer journey.
  • Understand which videos are watched, skipped, missed. Understand the impact video duration has on your metrics.
  • Uncover the optimal video style for different audiences, segments, devices or page types to produce and display videos that drive better outcomes. Produce more of the video styles that perform well using Cloudinary’s extensive, built-in video capabilities.
  • Determine whether a specific product category would benefit from specific types of images and videos versus others and use Cloudinary’s many image and video transformations to auto-generate more of those assets.
  • Gain insight into the best timing and placement of images and videos in your customer journey.
  • Uncover the optimal image style and video duration for different audience segments or page types so you can create and display videos and images that drive better outcomes.
  • Build a best in class A/B testing practice by using Contentsquare to identify the best Cloudinary-optimized assets and text overlays to use, leverage Optimizely or other solution to test and rely on Contentsquare to validate the results.
  • Validate that optimized images and video from Cloudinary are having an impact on Google core web vitals.
  • Identify where revenue leaks are happening on your website and have the tools you need to address them.