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Integrate with Cloudinary to unleash the full potential of your media. When put together with images and videos, your content is easier for your visitors to absorb and far more entertaining. To get more out of your media, integrate your Cloudinary asset library with The integration let’s you access and use your Cloudinary assets directly from our headless CMS, making creating captivating content that much easier.


In, marketers plan and publish content that resonates. Intuitive, organized workspaces make it easier to collaborate and land on the best ideas in real time. Secure permissions govern enterprise content workflows, while streamlining tasks for specific authors. Well-structured content is delivered by API. The complete decoupling of content production and presentation gives developers the freedom to use the technologies they prefer to create engaging, personalized experiences that look and feel great on any channel. Seamless, governed workflows and control meet independence and agility. This is unified content management at scale.

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