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Movidmo is a video editing platform that empowers business owners, marketers, educators and others to easily tell their story in an engaging way.

Movidmo + Cloudinary

By connecting Movidmo and Cloudinary, users can build engaging video content with their Cloudinary media assets.

By connecting Cloudinary with a Movidmo account, users can:

  • incorporate images and videos from Cloudinary into Movidmo projects
  • take advantage of the wide range of media transformations that Cloudinary provides


Movidmo is a video editing platform for easily creating professional quality video content. Movidmo empowers business owners, marketers, educators and others to tell their story in an engaging way. It can be used to create stunning visual content to increase engagement with customers and followers. Movidmo is great for:

  • creating video ads and posts for social media
  • selling products
  • marketing websites and services
  • promoting events
  • making eCards
  • turning photos into slideshows
  • and much more!

The Movidmo editor makes it easy for both professional designers and design newbies to create awesome video content. Content can be customized with imagery, messaging and branding and styled with a wide variety of fonts, colors, filters and effects. The editor also provides a curated music library, which features tracks covering a wide range of genres and moods.

Create Professional Video Content

Adding Cloudinary Content to the Backdrop

Videos can be created using pre-made designs from the Movidmo template library or from scratch. The library contains hundreds of templates available in a variety of sizes (wide, square and vertical).

Movidmo distinguishes between content in the backdrop and overlay layers. The backdrop is a sequence of videos and/or animated moving images that serve as a background for other content contained in the overlay. The backdrop for this template contains a video and a moving image that are replaced with Cloudinary assets as shown in the video.

Adding Cloudinary Content to the Overlay

Captions, images, design filters, icons and shapes can be overlaid on the backdrop. For this tutorial, the generic logo in the overlay layer is replaced with a photo of the realtor as shown in the video.

The Final Product

Publishing a Movidmo project yields a HD quality video that can be downloaded or posted directly to social media sites. The video that results from publishing the project described above is shown.


Movidmo Documentation for Cloudinary Integration

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To start using Cloudinary assets with Movidmo templates, check out the Movidmo template library.

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