Cloudinary Partner Network

Partner Overview

Acumium is a strategic digital solutions provider of software applications and internet marketing to accelerate business growth.

Since 2001, Acumium has been deploying custom development for some of Wisconsin’s most well-known brands. As the web has evolved, Acumium has solved problems for brands in digital marketing (such as SEO and digital marketing strategy), web and app design, and user experience. The company’s creative team of experts and collaborators has helped hundreds of brands not only look their best, but convert visitors and users.

Complex problems Acumium solves include:

  • Not enough sales
  • Outdated website designs
  • A site that is hard to use
  • Slow performance
  • Getting an application built and launched
  • Technical integration
Why Acumium

Checklists, outdated practices, and solo missions aren’t going to cut it in today’s evolving marketplace. Acumium takes a collaborative, customized approach to partner with you, because your brand is unique. The creative team of experts listens, learns, and strategically designs a custom solution for each business case. Whether you need a brand new integrated e-commerce platform, complex deployment in the cloud, or a holistic digital marketing strategy that drives revenue and leads, Acumium’s team can help your brand be its best.

Acumium brings its Midwestern work ethic, smart ideas, and dependable expertise to the table every day for its clients. Acumium has helped over 200 businesses grow. Acumium cares about doing what’s right and they would love to make a difference for you.

Acumium + Cloudinary

Acumium has integrated and implemented Cloudinary into custom web solutions, as well as CMS-driven websites, to optimize and simplify image delivery, enhance the customer experience, and support mobile delivery.

Acumium is committed to finding innovative ways to leverage Cloudinary for its customers to simplify media delivery and quality rich content across devices and web applications.

  • Address: 717 John Nolen Drive, Madison WI 53713
  • Contacts:
  • Regions: North America